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All-new Adobe Social Supports More Social Networks; Adds Predictive Publishing

Social MarketingToday, with the Adobe Digital Marketing Forum in Singapore as a backdrop, Adobe announced an all-new Adobe Social, which now features integration with Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram and LinkedIn, in addition to social predictive publishing capabilities, a mobile user interface, streamlined reporting, and new collaborative features. The new integrations complement already existing integrations with Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube and many more, all aimed at providing social marketers with comprehensive insights into social conversations, consumer behavior and real-time trends…insights which, in turn, can inform the development of compelling content and the creation of better digital experiences, while helping to nurture relationships with customers and prospects.

The addition of Foursquare is especially noteworthy in that Adobe Social will be the first to leverage the social network’s exclusive partnership with leading data provider, Gnip. By gaining access to local-mobile data, social marketers can better understand the movement in customer check-ins, the competitive landscape, and how localized marketing initiatives align with specific venue check-in data.

In a world where social marketers are challenged to validate their social spend, Adobe Social makes it easy to measure business impact from social campaigns and use that data to optimize strategy.  Adam Broitman, vice president, Global Digital Marketing, Mastercard, told us that Adobe Social is enabling Mastercard to seamlessly engage with local markets around the world, building trust through online listening, conversation and community.  Then, he gave us his take on the company’s widely recognized catch phrase by adding, “Now, that’s priceless.”

In addition to the important expanded integrations, we have also made available a powerful new predictive publishing capability for Adobe Social, which predicts social engagement on individual pieces of content and automatically suggests ideal timing to improve how that content will perform. Plus, the solution learns as it goes, so it continually refines recommendations and gets smarter with each action. Adobe Social is the first solution specifically designed to utilize the new unified Adobe Marketing Cloud interface, which enables on-the-go marketing capabilities from any device and allows marketers and their teams to gain valuable insights and collaborate more effectively. If you’d like to read the full press release we issued today, you can find it here.

A glimpse of Adobe offices worldwide through Instagram

This past Tuesday, we coordinated a worldwide takeover of the Adobe Instagram channel with our employees. Offices from Asia, Europe, and the U.S., all took shifts managing the Instagram channel to share a glimpse of #AdobeLife with all of you – our days at the office, commutes to work, the teams behind your favorite products, and more.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the collection of pictures on our Instagram channel. You’ll get an inside peek at our sites in Japan, Singapore, India, France, United Kingdom, Dublin, Utah, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Follow us on Instagram for more inside peeks from upcoming events like Adobe at SXSW and Adobe Summit.

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A Day in the Life of Adobe Employees Worldwide – Told Through Instagram

Our employees worldwide are all set to give you a glimpse of what it is like to work at Adobe. For 24 hours on Tuesday February 19th, employees from offices in Europe, Asia, and North America will take over the Adobe Instagram account to share behind the scenes images of their typical workday at Adobe using #AdobeLife. Employees will share any image that represents their workdays, including but not limited to their commutes to work, meetings with colleagues, lunches, pictures of their office space, and more. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for Tuesday’s takeover!

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Mobile Summer Games Instagram Sweepstakes!

As we announced before, Adobe teamed up with NBC Olympics on the official Summer Games 2012 apps. For the first time ever, U.S. viewers can stream all the Summer Games virtually anywhere! So we want to know, where are you watching?

Post a picture on Instagram of yourself or your friends/significant others/pets watching the Summer Games on a mobile device in unique and crazy places, and you may be randomly selected to win up to $100 in Adobe gear! Here’s how:

  • Get an Instagram account for your iOS or Android phone (imperative)
  • Follow our “Adobe” Instagram account (not imperative but you should anyway)
  • Take a fun/funny/normal/interesting image of you or someone else watching the Summer games on a device (see above)
  • Upload to Instagram and tag with #MobileSummerGames (don’t forget that hashtag)

You can submit as many pictures as you want but you only need to submit one to be entered. You can start now (we did…just do a search on IG for hashtag #MobileSummerGames) but we’re starting in earnest with the Opening Ceremony (July 27, 2012) and we will run through the Closing Ceremony (August 12, 2012). Need the full 411 on who is eligible? Check out the Terms and Conditions.

One really cool thing is that throughout the games we will pick the best photos to be featured as our Adobe Facebook profile picture. Even if you aren’t eligible for the prizes (See Terms and Conditions), you can upload a pic and get chosen to be our Facebook profile image! At the conclusion of the games, 5 winners will be selected at random to win up to $100 in Adobe gear.

Oh, and we thought you may be interested in where some Adobe employees will be watching the games. Check out the slideshow below and feel free to steal some of these ideas for your own pics. So start snapping and get creative!

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