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Monday at Cannes Lions: Great Conversations with Attendees

We just wrapped up day 2 at Cannes and so far, so great! Yesterday, the festival kicked off with a cocktail sponsored by Adobe, and we got a chance to interview attendees about their thoughts on creativity, Then and Now, and whether or not today’s increasing focus on data is killing or cultivating creativity. Watch highlights from our favorite moments below.

This morning, we hosted a panel to a full house, titled “Is Data ‘Killing or Cultivating Creativity?” The panel was moderated by our SVP of Global Marketing, Ann Lewnes. She was joined by fellow panelists Jon VeinLinus Karlsson, and Jim Stengel who shared their thoughts on how we need to strike a healthy balance between focus on data and our own gut and intuition.  During the panel, scriberia artists illustrated the conversation. Check out the cool scribe illustration below and stay tuned for panel highlights and a full recap, which we’ll post tomorrow.

Scribe illustration of panel created by scriberia artists

Scribe illustration of panel created by scriberia artists

And don’t forget, each day we’re asking you a different question about creativity, Then and Now. Today’s question is, “What’s your competitive edge? Data or Creativity?” Tweet your answer using #ThenAndNow and we’ll feature it on our digital billboards here at the festival. You can also vote in our daily polls on Facebook. Believe it or not, the response to yesterday’s question, “How do you prefer to communicate, through the phone (Then) or Twitter (Now), was tied! 50% of people chose to communicate via phone while 50% chose Twitter.

If you’re at the festival, be sure to stop by the Adobe booth and get your picture taken with the Adobe ampersand as a souvenir of your visit.

Example of a photo souvenir at the Adobe booth

Example of a photo souvenir at the Adobe booth

Signing off for now – more tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy the highlights below.

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