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LEEDing the way – Adobe Publishes Environmental Sustainability Goals

We’re excited to announce the release of Adobe & Environmental Sustainability – an Adobe CSR Brief, the first in a series of quarterly Adobe Corporate Social Responsibility reports. This quarter’s report focuses on Environmental Sustainability and highlights a few of our ongoing and new environmentally focused goals and initiatives.

  • Achieve Net Zero consumption by 2015 in our United States owned facilities in San Francisco, San Jose and Boston
  • Reduce the amount of product packaging used per unit by 40 percent by 2012, and 80 percent by 2014
  • Expand our employee-led Green Team to all of our 12 major sites globally by 2015

We’re driving to have our U.S. facilities first to achieve NetZero consumption by 2015 because they are completely under Adobe’s control and  have become the standard by which all of our buildings worldwide are measured. We continue to work toward Net Zero at our other facilities worldwide.

As a result of our efforts, Adobe’s facilities in Noida, India were recently awarded LEED-EBOM (Leadership and Environmental Energy and Design – Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance) Silver certification. The 190,000 square foot building is our largest facility outside of North America and our second LEED certified facility outside the U.S.

Visit the Adobe Corporate Social Responsibility Facebook page to learn more.

Adobe Noida Offices

Adobe Noida Offices

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