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Adobe Youth Voices Twitter Chat Recap

Twitter Logo_BirdOn August 8, top professionals in the creative industry joined us for a creativity themed Twitter Chat. Special thanks to our inspiring participants for sharing their words of wisdom with us!

Find the full recap from today’s chat below, and stay tuned to us on Twitter @AdobeYV as we explore more about creativity next week at the Adobe Youth Voices Summit. Feel free to share your thoughts on creativity and join the conversation happening all week using #AYVSummit13.

Adobe’s Matt Rozen on the Rise of Social Journalism


The 2013 AYV Summit is only a week away! This year, we invited social journalist and Adobe employee Matt Rozen to talk to the students about using social media to amplify their work and connect with others.  We sat down with Matt to ask him a few questions about his role at Adobe and what it means to be a “social journalist.” Here’s what he had to say:


Adobe: First things first – what is your favorite social media platform?

Matt: Is it possible to choose just one? I guess I would have to say Instagram is my favorite right now because the platform provides a quick snapshot of what people are seeing, thinking and feeling. But I love Twitter for work, and Tumblr has so many possibilities for creative people, and Facebook is great for connecting with old friends and family. It’s so hard to choose!

Adobe: What exactly is a social journalist?

Matt: A journalist used to just be someone who put pen to paper in newspaper and magazines. With the Internet, this term has evolved to include storytelling via blogs and social media platforms. It’s citizen journalism, really. The opportunity to be a social journalist is available to everyone, and what I love most is the ability to be at the zeitgeist of all topics at all times and to share our stories with the world, often in small, digestible bites. As the Group Manager of Corporate Social Media at Adobe, I manage Adobe’s social media team and consult with other teams within Adobe on social strategy. Many times we discuss how they, or their teams, can be social journalists too.

Adobe: Why is social media important for youth?

Matt: Just the other day, I took a pic of my 7-year old daughter and within minutes she asked, “Dad, did you share that photo on Facebook yet?” She doesn’t even have a Facebook account. This is the world we live in; there’s no getting around social media now.  It is the future of work, commerce, education and government, making it important for all of us to understand what it should (and shouldn’t!) be used for.

Adobe: What advice do you have for youth?

Matt: Take advantage of the amazing media tools available to you today. For the first time ever, we all have the ability to quickly create photos and videos and write essays (or blogs) and share them with the world – all on your phone!  The opportunities are endless. Just start creating but be careful, too, about what you share and with whom. The internet has a long memory

Adobe: How can creativity and social media make the world a better place?

Matt: Creativity always makes the world a better place – and there’s always room for more of it. The more you create, the more creative inspiration will come to you and the more you’ll feel positive about yourself and the world around you. Positive people are the ones who change the world because they make other people happy. And then social media just amplifies that positivity. Like I said, the opportunities are endless.

What questions do you have for Matt? Join @AdobeYV’s Creativity Twitter Chat this Thursday, August 8, at 10 a.m. PT for a chance to ask him and other creative professionals your most burning questions. Join the conversation using the hashtag #AYVSummit13.

All About Creativity: Adobe Youth Voices Twitter Chat

Our 2013 Adobe Youth Voices Summit is quickly approaching and we’re celebrating creativity with a Twitter Chat featuring: AYV Summit Creative Pros, social journalist Matt Rozen, comedian Baratunde Thurston, and YOU!

Join the conversation on Thursday, August 8th from 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. PT. Share questions that you’d like to ask our pros – tweet them to @AdobeYV and include the #AYVSummit13 hashtag.

About the Twitter Chat

When: Thursday, August 8th at 10 a.m. PT

Where: Join @AdobeYV on Twitter using the #AYVSummit13 hashtag

How to join:

  • Follow @AdobeYV
  • Visit the #AYVSummit13 hashtag August 8 at 10 a.m.
  • Got questions for our guests? Tweet questions to @AdobeYV and use #AYVSummit13, and we’ll direct them to the creative pros.
  • Jump into the conversation and share your own answers about creativity. The more the merrier!

Get to know our creative guests below and find out what inspires them here. Share your Twitter handle in the comments below to let us know you’re coming.

Meet our Participants

 Baratunde Baratunde Thurston: @baratundeCEO/co-founder of Cultivated Wit. Author of How To Be Black.
 Rozen_Matt-2-214x300 Matt Rozen: @mattyroze
Social Journalist: Group Manager of Corporate Social Media at Adobe
On creativity: “The more you create, the more creativity will come to you.”
 Kush Kush Amerasinghe: @adobe1
Creative Insider: Production lead for Adobe TV and host of ‘Ask the Adobe Ones’
On creativity: “Creativity is the best medicine.”
 Tasha Tasha Mistry: @Tasha_Mistry
Creative Insider: Business Analyst at Adobe
On creativity: “Creativity is a limitless channel of communication.”
 Trevor Trevor Hubbard: @butchershopsf
Creative Insider: Creative director and founder of Butchershop Creative
On creativity: “When I was a kid I was always creating something.”
 Misha Misha Vladimirskiy: @polaroidmisha
Creative Insider: Partner at Butchershop Creative
On creativity: “I live to create and I create to live.”

See you August 8th! Follow us on the Adobe Youth Voices Summit website and @AdobeYV leading up to and during the conference and join the conversation with #AYVSummit13.

Q&A Interview with Adobe Youth Voices Summit’s Creative Pros

The 2013 AYV Summit is quickly approaching and the team is preparing for an awesome week in San Jose celebrating the Adobe Youth Voices program. Over 70 youth and 33 educators from around the world will be joining us to work on media projects and learn innovative techniques from creative professionals.

This is the first year we will be hosting four “Creative Insider Teams” on-site at Summit. The Creative Pros will be paired with one of our AYV alumni to teach them the tricks of the trade – these four teams will be known as our “Creative Insiders.” Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram to see Summit from an insider’s perspective (find their handles below!).

For the Creative Pros – Kush, Tasha, Trevor and Misha – creativity isn’t just something you do in your free time; it’s a way of life. We asked them to share a little background on how they got started and what creative advice they have for today’s youth. Here’s what they had to say:

AYV: You’re all social media savvy – tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less and where we can find you on the interwebs.


Tasha Mistry (TM)

Business Analyst at Adobe Systems. USAToday College Blogger. Lover of Shoes and Cute Puppies. Passionate Community Activist.Happiest Person You’ll Ever Meet. Twitter



Trevor Hubbard (TH)

Creative director and founder of famed creative house, Butchershop Creative. He is a problem solver and soon-to-be dad. Twitter



Misha Vladimirskiy (MV)

A partner at Butchershop Creative. Misha “lives to create and creates to live.”  Twitter


 KushKush Amerasinghe (KA) A Computer Scientist and Futurist at Adobe operating in many different fields, including 3d, design, web, vfx, & education.  Twitter


AYV: When did you first have a creative “a-ha” moment?

TM: When I was in the 9th grade, my science teacher asked me to explain the life cycle of an igneous rock. I decided to illustrate the process in comic book form.  I started drawing a rock, but it looked a little deformed.  My frustration led me to draw clothes on this rock (a backwards hat with some nice shoes). It was cute. I named him Iggy the Igneous. I wrote a story about Iggy’s life from his own perspective.  I realized that the “mistake” I made was beautiful and that imperfection is beauty. The story turned out to be a great hit, and Iggy the Igneous is a now a legend at Mission San Jose High School. 

TH: I was 8 or 9 when I created a logo for a car detailing business I started called SPEEDY DETAIL. I drew the logo, created the brochure my hand, and passed them out in my neighborhood. SPEEDY DETAIL had three tiers of service – 1) Super Clean 2) Super Duper Clean, and 3) Super Duper Duper Clean.

MV: The first time I developed and printed film. The smells and images are still burned into my memory.

KA: I’ve been experimenting with different creative outlets since I was a child. It eventually led me to what I do today at Adobe.

AYV: What advice would you give to your seventeen year old self about getting into the field or following your creative vision?

TM: Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not capable. If you want to be successful, you must do anything and everything it takes. Never give up.  Hard work and dedication always pays off! 

TH: You don’t have to be great. Just be good. Make a lot of mistakes because they are the greatest teacher.

MV: Don’t be afraid of getting turned down, don’t be afraid of taking chances. Create and strive for what you believe.

KA: I would tell myself to stay in school and spend more time learning. My advice to youth today is to do the best you can in whatever situation you are in rather than wait for one big opportunity.

AYV: What does creativity mean to you in five words or less?

TM: Three words: Adobe Youth Voices :) 

TH: Creativity can’t be 5 words ;)

MV: Life

KA: Not settling for “as is.”

AYV: How can creativity make the world a better place?

TM: I view creativity as a limitless channel of communication. You can share whatever you’d like with the world, however you want to. That’s what’s so beautiful about it. 

TH: It just does. Look around you. And there is room for so much more. Everyone can contribute a verse to this grand play that goes on forever in the universe.

MV: Since it already does, all we can do is keep on creating.

KA: There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are happy with how things are and those who feel they can do better. The second group is creative. They are more common that you may realize. A lot of us create things because we aren’t satisfied with the generic or the existing. Not settling leads people to making better things. This is what makes the world a better place over time.

We’re excited to have four teams of creative insiders dedicated to giving you the behind the scenes coverage at Summit this year! Join our #AYVSummit13 Twitter Chat to ask them your burning questions on Aug. 8, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. PT. More details coming soon!

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