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Review of Day 2 at Davos

Interesting day – the world’s response to Haiti is taking center stage in a number of sessions. President Clinton today reminded people to follow through on their commitments once all the cameras turn off. He is making a big push for a worldwide response to get the nation of Haiti rebuilt and retrained, referring to them as “one of the most resilient people I have ever met”. On a personal note, I actually got to shake his hand, which was kind of cool.

Caption: Clinton speaking on how to help rebuild Haiti

The financial industry is on the defensive, calling their role in getting us into this monetary crisis, the ultimate “burden of trust” that they will have to bear with the world community.

IT continues to play a strong role in bringing developing nations to prosperity. In the high-tech philanthropy session Nick Negraponte, Melinda Gates and the Intel Foundation were strong advocates of continuing to push connected devices directly into the hands of children, and not to schools where many teachers are less tech saavy than the kids!

Caption: Melinda Gates, Nick Negraponte, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and others discuss high tech philanthropy

Also met several government officials today who are pleased with the WELCOM platform and the role Adobe is playing in transforming citizen interaction. I am pitching everyone, everywhere I get a chance (tirelessly) and will continue this until about 2AM tonight.

Don’t miss Don Tapscott’s article on WELCOM.

More tomorrow.

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