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Muse Hits 120,000 Downloads After Day One

Yesterday Adobe launched the beta of Muse (code name) a new Mac OS and Windows app that promises to let graphic designers create websites as easily as they create layouts for print.  The response has this time been pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good – 120,000 downloads from the Adobe Labs website.  Actually those are astonishing numbers and show that designers really need something like this.   I bet those other Muse guys would like 120,000 downloads in one day!

The app was developed by some of the folks that built InDesign, which has become the standard for page layout and is now leading the charge towards digital publishing.

We’ve also seen some commentary, in the forums, from the web developer community regarding Muse. Just a reminder folks that Muse was created for graphic designers to enable them to design and publish professional, unique HTML websites without writing code or working within restrictive (ie boring) templates.  It is something that designers have been asking for and will not impact the continued innovation across our other web development tools and technologies.

However we are taking constructive feedback from all constituencies into our product plans, as Muse matures.   So keep it coming designers, developers…

Adobe Youth Voices Live! Celebrates the Efforts of Young Media Makers Around the World

Congratulations to students and educators in the Adobe Youth Voices program for another year of great work!

Adobe Youth Voices Live! events are held in 6 cities in the US, in Canada, the UK and India. The celebrations are the culmination of a year’s study in the Adobe Youth Voices program and are designed to give students the opportunity to showcase the work they have created with their teachers and mentor throughout the program year.


Projects for the events are selected from various pieces of multimedia including film, animation, print, photography and radio.

In addition to recognition from the local community, the Adobe Youth Voices Live! events have already generated fantastic news coverage; broadcast footage from local television stations in San Francisco and New York City and print and online news coverage, including an article in the New York Times.

See the amazing work students of the Adobe Youth Voices program have created here:

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