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New Project Adthenticate on Adobe Labs

After a steady period of in-house incubation and private pre-releases, we are pleased to open up Project Adthenticate to the wider online advertising community. This public beta, to help streamline the ad validation and trafficking process for creators and publishers, marks another step in Adobe’s renewed focus on advertising workflows.

I want to use this post to offer some insight into Project Adthenticate and how it came about. Several web media publishers had approached Adobe about friction in getting online advertising campaigns launched. Specifically, there were workflow issues between ad agencies and publishers on campaigns that involved premium inventory and rich media ad creative. As we spoke with various people in the online ad ecosystem, we heard different angles on the same core issue: advertising assets were not built to the appropriate asset specifications. Each side had a different reason for why the ads weren’t built with the correct specifications but the end result was the same — lots of churn between ad creators and publishers which resulted in delays, higher costs, make-goods and lost revenue.

So we put together a small team that conceptualized and implemented an ad validation service that aims to solve the problem of creating ads to the proper specifications needed across the online ad workflow. For online media publishers, the service enables ad operations teams to test advertising assets against their customized ad specifications. The validation service is unique in that it actually executes the content in a sand-boxed environment that captures CPU usage, memory, network requests and scripting commands. The results are then compared against what the publisher can allow for that ad format.

Web service APIs allow the Project Adthenticate service to be integrated into tools and technologies across the online ad workflow: from publisher-side ad servers to ad creation toolkits from rich media vendors and Adobe Creative Suite as well.

The Project Adthenticate public beta is available for the entire ad community to use at We look forward to your feedback and to continue making online advertising workflows easier and efficient for the entire ad community.

The Race to Mobilize Accelerates. Are You First, Last or Middle-of-the-pack?

What a difference six months makes!

When we wrapped up our customer experience study this January, just below 20% of respondents said they were planning to deploy mobile commerce. Six months later, in our first annual mobile commerce survey, 62% of the respondents told us that commerce was going to be one of their strategic mobile executions. That’s a significant leap. Granted, the respondents in our latest survey skew towards North America, compared to the more globally dispersed respondents of the earlier survey. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that businesses are recognizing mobile as an important marketing and selling channel.

We also found that the vast majority of businesses view mobile-optimized websites as their strategic entry point for this emerging channel. This is enlightening, considering all the hype around downloadable mobile applications. For all the love that digital marketers, tech bloggers and reporters show towards apps, the survey results clearly suggest that businesses consider mobile websites as the dominant touch-point for mobile commerce.

The survey uncovers many more findings, including which rich media features businesses will be launching over the coming year to ramp up their m-commerce initiatives. This is an area that should see substantial growth, as leaders like eBay and Amazon have already ploughed ahead, racking up billions in sales from online purchases made with mobile devices.
Check out the survey and see how well your plans and thinking align with the consensus. Are you ahead or behind? Tell us what you’re doing and what is working—or isn’t!

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