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Why Do You Create? Tell Us Your Story for a Chance to Win a Tablet!

The launch of Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 has us all thinking about — creativity of course! Where do the creative juices flow from, when you’re designing a web page, making a movie, writing a song and even building out an entire ad campaign? Our Adobe & Stories site just re-launched and we’d love to read yours, see images about it or even “watch” it if you have a video.

And for all of you in North America and Canada, we’re giving away tablets to 6 lucky storytellers! A tablet of your choice – just check out the site for full terms and conditions.

We’ve had a few stories come in already that we think are pretty great:

  • “Having developed an international reputation for creating altered photographs with ecological concerns, in Antarctica I became interested in creating an editorial (relatively unaltered) body of work to compare and contrast these two modes of perception and expression…A simple project initially, it continues to grow. A single exhibit and book has become multiple exhibits and books, lectures, a website and Antarctic workshop program…I started using Photoshop 1 as an artist in residence at Kodak’s Center for Creative Imaging. I beta-tested Lightroom 1…” — Read more about the project from the story’s author John Paul Caponigro
  • “I’ve been looking for ways to make the color images from my Sony a850 pop a little bit more. I love shooting the camera in B&W mode and find that a simple conversion to grayscale in Photoshop and then some tweaking of the curves usually results in fantastic images. The same has not always been so with the different color modes on the camera. I usually shoot in vivid mode with the contrast and saturation bumped up a couple of steps, however differing light and weather sometimes still left the images looking a little bit flat. After reviewing many tutorials online about maximizing the look and feel of color images with Photoshop I came up with this simple method…” — Read more about Peter Ellenby’s method in his story

Now it’s your turn: Why do you create?

What’s the Future of Digital?

martha-ad21The explosion of great digital content across different devices –- not just PC’s but also smartphones, tablets and even TV’s — is changing the way we all do business. We’ve partnered with our customers to help them provide richer digital experiences, enhance their brands, and ultimately bring them closer to their customers. We’re sharing some of these stories through our “Adobe & …the Digital Experience” campaign.

(Check out the Life@Adobe blog’s take on the new campaign)

But the launch of “Adobe & …” ads and Future of Digital page is just beginning a broader conversation.

We also recently polled our community over social media channels to find out how they define the future of digital and check out what they had to say:

There’s room for more stories about the future of digital and we’ll be reaching out to you for them soon. Stay tuned ….

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