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A Look Back on AYV Summit 2013


Adobe Foundation hosted more than 100 students and educators from 23 countries at our third Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Summit. Students were immersed in a five-day media arts experience where they collaborated in groups with creative professionals and luminaries, learning new digital media skills.

This year, we were honored to kick-off the Summit with a keynote by Lee Hirsch, a documentary filmmaker and founder of The Bully Project. Lee stressed the power of creative storytelling and the impact creativity enables, encouraging students to use their passion to create projects that can “change hearts and minds.”

Building on Lee’s message of impactful storytelling, AYV Youth Summit attendees worked together throughout the week to create collaborative media projects on issues most important to them. Each group included youth from around the world, and each brought their exhilarating creativity to produce compelling stories about education, environmental protection efforts, human rights, identity and culture and community development.

The challenge for each group is pretty great: youth had essentially two days to produce a media project on a meaningful topic, while collaborating across as many as four different countries in each group.  The energy of the event was palpable, as youth courageously generated ideas together, discussing and storyboarding how they would approach their projects, and in just one day, bring their ideas to life with Adobe tools.

Below is a look at some of the final youth produced projects. For more, check out the Adobe Youth Voices YouTube Channel



At the final culminating event, AYV Live!, youth shared their media projects with a live audience.  The night was filled with all sorts of surprises, including an appearance from internationally renowned recording artist and founder of the Common Ground Foundation, “Common.” In a freestyle rap, he talked about the importance of believing in yourself and using your creativity to realize your dreams. The event also featured Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen and its CMO, Ann Lewnes who honored the Creativity Scholarship recipients and Aspire Award Winners.

After an exhilarating week, everyone who participated, including volunteers, learned something new about a different part of the world, tried a new technical skill, challenged themselves creatively, and made connections that made the world a bit smaller.

This Summit represents Adobe’s broader commitment to creativity and to making an impact in the lives of today’s youth by providing them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed. Of course, the challenge is to keep the momentum of the fantastic week going. As one student put it, “The journey doesn’t end here. This is your chance to take leadership in your classrooms and after school programs to push the limits on what your peers thought was possible. Look what success you saw from just three days of work. What can you do in three weeks or three months? Anything and everything! Take charge!”

After watching and interacting with such talented youth and educators, during this year’s AYV Summit, I am inspired by their confidence to continue to connect across borders, and create with meaning and purpose.


Meet the 2013 AYV Aspire Award Winners

At Adobe, we believe creativity is a key to educational success for today’s youth. For this reason, I’m honored to be involved in our Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) program and thrilled to announce the winners of our second annual AYV Aspire Awards competition, an online challenge that invites youth from all around the world to tap into their creativity and share their vision for change in local communities

The winning projects, now featured on the AYV website, are prime examples of how powerfully young people are able to express themselves when provided with the right resources. Following are a just few of the remarkable entries.


Life’s a Fight

Created by four talented youth from the Appalachian Media Institute, “Life’s a Fight” documents the issue of teenage bullying and explores how the social landscape now extends beyond the schoolyard, to the internet. In this short documentary film we hear stories from teachers, parents, and victims, and learn from a group of local teens who saw an opportunity to take a stand.


It Makes a Big Difference

Produced by Jeanviêr Janga, who leads a media team at the Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation, this project addresses the ability of youth to change their communities one act of kindness at a time. Jeanviêr used Adobe tools to create a fun and creative animation which promotes the idea that each small act of kindness is a step toward a better world. Jeanviêr joined the AYV program in 2011 and won an Audience Choice award in last year’s Aspire Awards competition.

AYV3Bowing Down to the Earth

This piece, created by Agata Mroczek, a Polish student with a passion for photography and environmental protection, celebrates “Earth Hour” as an opportunity to unite and give the Earth an hour of rest. “Earth Hour,” an event started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has been nine years in the making and takes place annually in Poland. Agata’s photos portray his event through the eyes of a young person.

This year, participation in the competition exceeded our expectations with an astounding 1,100 participants from 51 countries. In addition, entries received more than 830,000 votes from fans who selected their favorites to win the Audience Choice award. By utilizing a mix of storytelling formats, participants, like those shared above, address complex social and environmental topics, including bullying and climate change. While their entries represent a diverse range of ideas, they’re unified by a focus on finding solutions to the issues addressed.

Each Aspire Award participant gained important creative skills including media making, self-expression, ideation and collaboration. We believe this creativity skill set will help youth become more deeply engaged in their education in the short term and better prepared to succeed in an always evolving global economy in the long term. I encourage you to visit the AYV website and explore our digital gallery featuring each of this year’s extraordinary winners. I also invite you to learn more about our broader AYV program and explore opportunities to get involved. At Adobe, we know that by working together we can help build a bright and creative future for the next generation.

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