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It’s about time

My email account shows that this blog was created on October 4th at my request, yet this is my first entry. One of the problems working for a group aptly titled – Emerging Solutions – is that you have to wait for something to emerge before you can discuss it with the world. That wait is finally over. The release of AIR 1.0 allowed my subsection of Core Technology, Emerging Solutions to release generation 2.0 of the Adobe Developer Connection Desktop (ADCD).
I call this generation 2.0 instead of version 2.0 because the entire application has been rewritten in Flex (the previous version was ActionScript 2). You have to become a member (free) of the Adobe Developer Connection in order to download the software.
Over the next few days I’ll be posting entries on the various plug ins that make up ADCD 2.0. We’ll discuss some interesting ideas around using RSS feeds to aggregate and distribute components to developers by overloading the appcasting concept used by application vendors to distribute updates. We’ll also talk about how we built a plug in framework for an AIR application. This framework was used by an independent development firm (Human Xtensions) to build some of the plug ins used by ADCD.
As always I’m looking for feedback on improvements that can be made and bugs that need to be fixed. Right now I think you should sign up for the Developer Network, download ADCD and try it out.
Enjoy…..and I promise that it won’t be 5 months until my next post…