Thanks for the feedback

First of all I want to thank the bloggers (Adobe and others) that have posted entries about the Adobe Developer Connection Desktop. The feedback has been universally positive in both the blogs and comments we’ve received through the feedback dialog in the application. We’re monitoring all channels. If you prefer to post feedback via one of the Adobe forums here is the correct forum
The URL for the Developer desktop has changed. Click on the link to find the application at its new location.
OK, enough with the administrative topics, let’s talk technology. Tomorrow I’ll put up a post about the RSS feed structure used by the Component Explorer plug in. We’ve defined a new extension to RSS 2.0 that contains the data items we need. These items are used to provide the detailed information, website, source code, documentation and a visual preview of the component. We’ve provided some sample feeds with ADCD for Flexbox and sample AIR apps. We’ve also worked with the Flex Exchange team here at Adobe. Now, when components are added to Flex Exchange the appcasting RSS feed automatically gets updated.
After I detail the internal structure of these feeds, anyone who posts components can also post a conforming feed.
More coming tomorrow.

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