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Release now available

The initial release of my benchmark is available now from http://stlab.adobe.com/performance/.


    Very interesting project and Idea.

    About how to display results, I find that C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques
    is a good reference/categorization.

    Always hoped for an updated/dynamic version of the above site (obviously more “second goal”, more developer oriented than compiler vendor).

    About “WhatToTest” from wiki page list : OpenMP should IMHO really be part of benchmarks. Here’s already some on ICC, GCC and OpenMP

    [ OpenMP is on my long term goals list. First I want standard C++ features and common compiler optimizations tested, and those are already a very long list – ccox ]

    I would love user submittable results, automatically processed, so that CPU/arch types would be displayable using dynamics graphs a la “gapminder”, with user comments per test to discuss in depth each.

    Again, Very nice idea and nice work already.

    [ Thank you – ccox ]

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