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July 20, 2008

Analysis of abstraction penalty and MSVC

I’ve posted another analysis – this time for the stepanov abstraction penalty test compiled with MSVC 2008 and 2005. Here we compare two releases of a single brand of compiler to look at the code generation improvements and regressions.

Example Analysis

June 29, 2008

Another Analysis Example

I’ve written up another analysis for loop invariant code motion and LLVM. The good news is that the LLVM team has already fixed some of the problems identified by my code. The bad news is that I discovered that I used the wrong code for one test (loop invariant integer division) and need to add something more suitable in a future release.

Example Analysis

May 29, 2008

Example Analysis

A few people have asked how to analyze the numbers that the benchmark code generates. Unfortunately, I don’t have any automated analysis yet. So I wrote up an example analysis of one test.
I’ll post more examples as I get time.

Example Analysis

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