“Getting Started” – A Developer In the Box!

The core of our new Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform comes in a very small box (you could probably email the entire server to yourself as an attachment!) but we managed to squeeze in an important element. When you launch the Quick Start there is a rather unremarkable little link in the top right hand corner called, “Getting Started“. Click it and we bring you to a whole set of running applications with developer tutorials and sample code.

You don’t need to wade through lots of documentation when trying to build your first application. Just fire up the samples, see applications running right away, download the source code, follow the tutorials and you’ll be an ADEP expert in no time!

Here is what you see when you select “Getting Started”:

(Click to enlarge)

These links are split into two groups. The first is a set of “Spotlights”. They show you some basics of what the platform can do to help you build great web applications and they link to this blog for more details. The second group is a more in-depth set of sample applications that use multiple frameworks together; such as Composite Applications, Data Services, CRX and Task Management. They run out of box and come with tutorials that show you how to recreate the application yourself with sample code.

Furthermore if you need even more samples and code we have a handy link in Package Share that will download lots of deep dive (and running!) applications for Data Services and the Composite Application Framework. Once you download the Package it automatically adds more links to the page above.

Our objective is to help you learn our platform in a way that is “by developers for developers“. Our core engineering team (in between fixing bugs!) produces all of this content and the articles on this blog. We can’t wait to see what you build with the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform.