What is ADEP?

Our recent release of the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform contains not only software but a library of documentation that has been authored by the Adobe Learning team with direct input from all our engineers around the world.

One of our most important documents is a very short introduction that you read first, called “Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Overview“. This was a very tricky document to write because there is a lot to say about ADEP, from its architecture & guiding principles to a precise description of each of the components and frameworks offered to developers. But how do you do that with accuracy while at the same time being extremely brief ..?

Well I think we managed it. The Overview gives enough information for anyone to quickly understand (in plain simple English) what ADEP is all about, starting with a simple graphic and then describing all the basic features and capabilities:

You can read it online at Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Overview, or if you would like to skim a PDF, I have attached a copy here:

Also we have been editing and validating all our ADEP Technical Documentation. You can browse the whole library here:

In particular, I suggest you make a bee line for the document called “Developing for ADEP Experience Services“. This is intended to give you as a developer a total gloves-off crash course on the new Experience Server, with links to more detailed information too. You can check that one out here:

We hope you find the documentation useful and we are always improving it. You can also log on and add comments & feedback if you see an error or just have a suggestion.

Happy hacking-



3 Responses to What is ADEP?

  1. Malcolm Edgar says:

    Hi Gary,

    Great news on the ADEP release. Can you provide and details of Whats New in Document Services?

    regards Malcolm Edgar

    • Gary Gilchrist says:

      Yes I think a post dedicated to doc services will be next. We have a lot of really cool new features particularly around integration with SQL and Web Services (SOAP and REST) plus a ton of new tooling features.

  2. Rob In der Maur says:

    Great! Gary, type in last para (fond instead of find).