Getting Started A Developer Setting Up a Clean System

This tutorial lists all the steps for setting up a a clean system for developing applications with the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP).

If you are new to ADEP and would like to watch a few introduction videos on how to install the Platform and get stated, please check out the “Getting Started” Playlist on our YouTube channel:


A clean Windows system that meets the minimum platform requirements

  1. Sun JDK 6 update 24 or higher
  2. The ADEP Experience Server .jar file
  3. Flash Builder 4.5.0 Installer

Also the following:

  1. ADEP Tooling update site URL (You will find this pre-configured now in Flash Builder)
  2. A valid Flash Builder 4.5.0 serial number
  3. A valid ADEP Experience Server license file (*Note: this tutorial does not cover the license file acquisition process. To initiate the process a user can click the ‘Obtain a license’ presented on the startup screen)

Cheet Sheat

Please read the document here for a step by step cheat sheet on creating your application from scratch in Flash Builder:

Setting Up A Clean System











You may already have existing Flex applications that you would like to run on the Experience Server. If so, check out this demonstration for how to change your Flex Project settings:

2 Responses to Getting Started A Developer Setting Up a Clean System

  1. In my opinion the title of this post is misleading: you’re not installing a minimal ADEP system, by far. That requires be just starting the jar file, and you then get a simple in-browser development system (CRXDE).

    What you’re doing here is installing ADEP + ADEP Experience Services SDK + Flash Builder and player + ADEP Tooling plugins. Which is fine if you need those, but for RESTful apps development you don’t.

  2. Hi Bertrand, maybe the title has been, I do not see minimal in there, this is the standard environment that we expect our RIA developers to use. If someone wanted to try the most minimal footprint they could just use the quickstart for sure, but that is a little limited as it is not what you can purchase on its own.

    Hanbing, one thing to fix is that we support Flash Builder Premium 4.5.0, not 4.5.1. We have not yet certified the update 1 with our add-ons.

    Chris de Groot – ADEP Product Management.