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“Concurrent users” and performance tests

A few years ago when I was still working in application management of a large website we often had the case, that the system was reported to be slow. Whenever we looked into the system with our tooling we did not found anything useful, and we weren’t able to explain this slowness. We had logs […]

Author server says Loading; for a long, long, long time

When the Author server restarts, it can look, to the users, like it is hanging because as soon as they click on a node in the left hand nav tree they see “Loading” in the central pane. It just sits there saying “Loading” for a long, long, long time. T…

CQ 5.5: Changes to the startup

Since already a month CQ 5.5  is out. See here for the major changes brought with this release. Amongst the hundreds of new features I would like to point out a single one, which is probably the most intersting features for admins and operation people. With CQ 5.5 the quickstart does no longer start a […]

Improving performance with browser caching

On requests, check that you are using browser caching.Last-Modified should be set.Expires should be set (seems to be dynamically set if max-age is set on cache-control).On cache-control – watch out for must-revalidate – this seems to bypass the cache.T…

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