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Submitting Mobile Data to Adobe CQ using a Sling Post Servlet

You can create an Adobe CQ mobile form using JQuery Mobile API and submit the data to Adobe CQ using a Sling Post Servlet. When a mobile user fills in the form and clicks the submit button, form data is submitted to Adobe CQ.  However, instead of …

AEM5.6: Socoadmin: reply button and refresh issues in moderation UI

Issue If you are using the classic UI (/socoadmin) for social moderation in AEM5.6, you may notice some strange behaviour as follows Reply button disabled 1) Go to http://localhost:4502/socoadmin 2) Select a blog comment from Geometrixx Result: reply button is … Continue reading

Custom CQ5 workflow step that integrates Twitter and Jabber

As part of the IKS project each CMS vendor completes a couple of benchmarks in order to establish a baseline against which future semantic improvements can be measured. For benchmark 3 "Workflow Service" Bertrand and I chose to implement th…

Creating gallery components that display digital assets stored in the CQ DAM

You can create an interactive visual component that lets your AEM users engage with your Adobe CQ web site by viewing and clicking on images. When a user clicks on a thumbnail version of an image, a larger view of the image appears. In this workflow, t…

Adobe CQ/AEM support tools available

We have recently published a package with support tools that can be useful to help diagnose issues encountered with Adobe Experience Manager.  As the tools project continues to mature, additional tools will be provided to ease the overall diagnosis and … Continue reading

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