Using XMLBeans in Adobe CQ

- Dan Klco

Apache XMLBeans is a powerful tool for reading, writing and updating XML files.  XMLBeans dynamically creates Java classes based on an XSD Schema.  This makes it powerful and easy to use, however can make it more complicated to integrate into OSGi based applications, such as Adobe CQ, as the XML Element to Java Class mapping uses the Java Classloader.

This guide shows you how to integrate XMLBeans in your Adobe CQ application.




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Programmatically Accessing Adobe CQ Content using the JCR API

- Scott McDonald

You can programmatically modify nodes and properties located within the Adobe CQ 5.5 repository, which is part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. To access the CQ repository, you use the Java Content Repository (JCR) API. You can use the Java JCR API to perform create, replace, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on content located within the DAY CQ repository. For more information about the Java JCR API, see

This development article creates a Java class that modifies nodes and properties within  Adobe CQ. The Java class connects to a local instance of  Adobe CQ and creates nodes and stores data values to node properties. You can store data by manipulating node properties.



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