Reverse Replication woes – solved

- Sensei Martin

Hot off the press/keyboard (i.e. not fully tested). With the help of an Adobe support engineer in Basel and an on-site Adobe consultant we discovered what the root cause of the reverse replication problem was.

Namely, that when a user voted in a poll, the new vote AND ALL previous votes were being reverse replicated. This caused a MASSIVE workload on the Author because each node in the /var/replication/outbox did not contain 1 corresponding vote; it actually contained ALL of the votes including the new additional one. This explains why the Author would take 20 minutes to process just 10 nodes in the outbox.



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Another useful Adobe hotfix

Adobe CQ hotfix for Replication Stabilization = 34595. Another must have hotfix!

Replication Stablization hotfix

- Sensei Martin

If the flush agent on a publish server stops working, then you probably need cq-5.3.0-featurepack-37434. This featurepack is a nice cumulative one - so no painful installation of dependencies (phew)! And it fixes a LOT of bugs mainly around stabilizing the replication services. We tried installing feature-pack 37434 via CRX package manager but, it broke the instance in that it would just serve up 404 pages. However, following the below procedure, we were able to install the feature pack.



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