Adobe Media Gallery

As John Nack has already announced, Adobe has just released Adobe Media Gallery.

What is Adobe Media Gallery? It’s an extension for Bridge CS3 that lets users easily and quickly create Flash-based and HTML-based web photo galleries.

To get started using AMG, make sure you first update to Bridge 2.1. (It won’t run in 2.0)

Then download the Adobe Media Gallery installer from Adobe Labs.

I’ve created a quick start video tutorial:

Tutorial Video (8.1mb)
[Disclaimer: I had to to make some edits to match the actions to the words better, and fake the upload section because I didn’t have a net connection when I recorded the video.]

Quick Start Guide
Known Issues

I’ll do another video tutorial on how to modify, create and save your own templates.

I’ll also point out some of the interesting ExtendScript code used to extend Bridge and build AMG in future posts.

Lastly, tell us what you think. We want to hear your ideas. That’s what Adobe Labs is all about.

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