Awesome Scripts for Photoshop CS3 and Bridge: Dr. Brown’s Services 1.9.2

Russell Brown has produced a great collection of FREE workflow scripts for Photoshop CS3 & CS3 Extended in Dr. Brown’s Services 1.9.2 which he announced at Photoshop World, Las Vegas earlier this month.

"Background Remover," "Interpret Video," "Fit Video to Audio," and "Slide Show" scripts all take advantage of Photoshop CS3 Extended’s spanking new video capabilities. Fit Video to Audio and Slide Show are especially nice for allowing photographers to easily make video slideshows with music.

"Stack-A-Matic" is another script to take advantage of CS3 Extended and it’s new Smart Object Stack Modes. If you haven’t checked out Stack Modes, check out the tutorial video Russell has provided, and Martin Evening’s tutorial over at and open yourself up to new way of shooting and manipulating images.

If you want to save time on your next Photoshop project, do yourself a favor and head over to and download Dr. Brown’s Services 1.9.2!

For all you scripters out there, there’s a wealth of code to learn from in Dr. Brown’s Services, everything from manipulating the Animation (Timeline) palette to working with Smart Objects.

I’ll also point out that Photoshop ships with a folder of simple sample scripts in the "Scripting Guide" folder in the Photoshop application folder. However, some of the best example code, showing you how to tie it all together, can be found in the scripts that are increasingly becoming part of Photoshop – Image Processor, Merge to HDR, Photomerge, Export Layers to Files, and any of the Layer Comps workflow scripts. You can find these scripts in the Presets>Scripts folder inside the Photoshop CS3 application folder.

One Response to Awesome Scripts for Photoshop CS3 and Bridge: Dr. Brown’s Services 1.9.2

  1. Hmmm this Dr. Brown Services is very intriguing. It would be very nice for a photography enthusiast such as myself to make a photo slideshow with music. A “photo MTV” as I would like to call it. I usually use keynote to do it but if there’s another and interesting way to do it, then why not. It takes to long to do it in premiere or final cut as there are too many steps to accomplish to make a “photo MTV”. It is nice to know that “photo MTV’s” can now be done in photoshop since I do most of my photo editing in it.