Photoshop and Lightroom compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) was released today. To answer questions about compatibility, Adobe has create a FAQ and a knowledge based document with known issues.

Specifically, the Photoshop and Lightroom teams have been testing our applications since Lion became available to developers. Our teams worked closely with Apple to address/fix issues that were discovered while testing Photoshop CS5. Earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop (CS3 and CS4) were also tested with Lion, with issues that were discovered being documented and addressed by working closely with Apple.

The known Photoshop specific issues are that PPC based droplets and versions of Photoshop CS2 and earlier will not be able to run on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) due to the lack of Rosetta support in 10.7.

I recommend that Mac users of Photoshop CS2 upgrade to Photoshop CS5 soon in order to be within the 3 versions back in order to enjoy discounted upgrade pricing.

If you do encounter issues not already documented, feel free to report them on our feedback site.

Finally, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) includes some exciting new features such as Autosave, Resume, Versioning, Full Screen Mode, and more multi-touch gestures. Since many of these features require new code in order to work properly, the Photoshop and Lightroom teams will investigate which ones make sense to our customers for inclusion in future versions of our products.

Additional Information:

Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Photoshop Specific Issues

Lightroom Specific Issues

131 Responses to Photoshop and Lightroom compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

  1. Rick Freschner says:

    Interesting that you are just now evaluating which of the new features make sense for inclusion in future products.

  2. danielf says:

    i’m still running lightroom 2.6, and it seems to work perfectly under lion. even though it doesn’t use any of the new APIs, the existing full screen mode is great with the new spaces/mission control. it will be even more awesome if you can implement the official method in an update/future release.

  3. Tyler says:

    Does this mean that there will not be an update for CS5 or lightroom that enables the full screen mode in lion? The ability to switch between full screen apps is wonderful. With as many mac people using adobe products, I would hope that there is a FREE update soon. I just bought CS5 and lightroom 3 in the last few months. I don’t want to pay more to have them fully compatible with lion.

    • We can’t really comment on future releases, though this would likely require new code/testing, and may have other implications

      • EA says:

        Definitely need to add support for full-screen mode… used to use Photoshop in its own dedicated space, but the native Lion Full-Screen Mode would be a better solution. I would prioritize this above any other Lion features; it would not require much work or testing and not complicate function as greatly as things like versioning, resume, etc.

  4. Josh says:

    I heard that if you updated to Lion and your Adobe Photoshop no longer works in it because its not supported, that to still transfer it over on Lion. Adobe Photoshop is working on an update and your computer will read it once its time. When? That is just the real question. I know its in the works.

    • Where did you hear that? If you have CS3 or later, they will work on Lion. If you have CS2 or earlier (which were written for PPC macs) they will never work on Lion because Apple no longer supports Rosetta.

      • Levi says:

        Photoshop CS5 Does not work with Lion in my experience and apparently many others. There are several patches out there like turning off the Font Preview in Photoshop preferences, that worked for a day. Then read about Java for lion, that didn’t help. Now
        I’m trying to run a photography business with no Photoshop.

        I can open a raw image in raw dialog box and adjust it. Then once I click open the layers show up but the image is MIA. This is the case for PSD files as well. They appear to be open, the layers are there but the image is missing. Can’t close or edit, have to shut down PS, it’s the only option.

        Any ideas ANYONE???

        • That’s definitely not normal. Can you post more details so we can help you here:

          It may help if we can could see your Photoshop System Info:

          Launch Photoshop. Choose Help>System Info…

          Note: Photoshop System Info contains and entry with your serial number. Remove the entry prior to posting your System Info on this public forum.

  5. Mel Cooke says:

    What this means for me is that I’ll be using non-Adobe products for photo editing in the future.

  6. Christopher Glanton says:

    What a shame Lightroom isn’t compatible with Lion. I liked LR better that Aperture, but if Adobe doesn’t announce a fix soon, I’ll just get Aperture.

  7. Christopher Glanton says:

    Jeffrey, I had assumed since the system requirements of LR says only 10.6.8. And I read online of some people having different problems. I’m glad to hear it is compatible with Lion. Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Michel Gafner says:

    Je travail sur Mac et désir passer à Lion.
    J’ai les logiciels suivant :
    Ilustrator CS4
    Photoshop CS4 + les logiciel qui les accompagnes
    Pouvez vous me dire si je n’aurais pas de problèmes en passant sur Lion car je ne vous nul par si cela est possible.
    En vous remerciant d’avance
    Michel Gafner

  9. Trevorcq says:

    I have MAC OS 10.7 running on a new Mac Air. Whenever I try to run Abobe Bridge from Photoshap CS4 the program fails to open and I get a system error. Has anyone else had this problem?

  10. Rob says:

    Try this: Uninstall Photoshop and all its programs. Then restart your computer. Then when it restarts, go to Disk Utility and do all the preference things . . like ‘Repair Preferences.’ Then immediately reinstall photoshop and all the stuff that comes with it. Restart your computer again. When it restarts this time, do the Preferences thing again in Disk Utility just as before. As soon as it finishes, Quit Disk Utility and open Bridge. Hopefully it was just a preferences issue. When I got CS5, for months I could only use a limited amount of Photoshop . . NO OtHeR programs like bridge or anything else. Then I tried that, and FINALLY it all worked…
    Good luck. Really.. I know how frustrating it all can be . .

  11. jsb3 says:

    I am pissed! I never would have upgraded to Lion if I knew my CS2 would no longer be supported!!! Up grade to CS5 is $200.00! I had not planned on upgrading my photoshop for awhile….geezzzzz….

    • jsb3 says:

      I want to know why my CS2 is not supported by Lion? Please don’t tell me to ask Apple because I have and they said to contact adobe.

      • CS2 was written for Macintosh computers that use PPC processors. Apple provided emulation to run PPC native application on OS X on Intel Macs. Apple no longer supports Rosetta with OS X 10.7 (Lion).

    • Apple and Adobe warned users prior to Lion’s release that Mac OS X 10.7 wouldn’t support Rosetta. Better to upgrade now before a new version of Photoshop comes out. Adobe allows users to upgrade from 3 versions back (CS2, CS3, CS4). If you wait until a new version comes out, it may cost you the full price to upgrade. Plus, your experience/performance will be much better running Intel native code on an Intel Mac.

      • Chris Breslin says:

        The best advice you can give is to pay $300-$700 for an upgrade?! Why aren’t Adobe and Apple working for some way to make CS2 compatible? Seems like shady business to essentially require an operating system upgrade (which is what Apple did for full functionality with new iPhone and iCloud) while rendering existing software useless and offering a “fix” that cost hundreds of dollars. I’m extremely disappointed to be in the middle of a project in InDesign and stuck because of this garbage.

        • I think your anger is a bit misdirected. How is it our fault that Apple abandoned Power PC processors (in August 2006) and more recently Power PC emulation support with Rosetta in Lion?

        • Nick says:

          CS2 is over 6 years old – if you upgrade to the latest OS in 2011, it’s a pretty safe bet that your software from 2005 won’t be compatible. Get real.

    • Nick says:

      You’re pissed because your 6 year old software doesn’t work with Apple’s latest OS? That really isn’t a reasonable complaint…

  12. ganesh mahadik says:

    while reading all the issues,please clearly tell me lightroom and adobe cs4 were compatible with os lion because i have purchased imac with mac os 10.6.8 a week before.i am using capture pro 6.2 to convert my raw photos.but i find your lightroom is works great than please tell me that i can upgradet o LION.

  13. Laurie says:

    When Snow Leopard was released I had to download Rosetta in order to get my Epson 3800 printer to show certain ICC profiles in the Photoshop CS5 Print menu.

    Now that Lion has dropped Rosetta, I’m hesitant to upgrade to it if there’s a risk to my Epson workflow. Has anyone tested this w/ Lion, or has Epson updated its 3800 drivers to work better w/ Lion.?

  14. marie says:

    I am TOTALLY frustrated. I have a new Mac Book Air version 10.7.1 (Lion) and can’t see youtube videos. Any suggestion?

  15. Tami says:

    Glad to hear Lion works with CS5 and LR 3. I just purchased these upgrades for my Mac Book Pro. Phew. Received the discs and plan on loading them on my machine tonight.

  16. Robert Friedman says:

    Just installed Photoshop Cs 5 extended on a new IMac which has OX 10.7 (lion ). I can not open a Jpeg file in Photoshop from Bridge. However, I can open a Jpeg in camera raw and then go into photoshop. Same problem with PSCS4 which is installed on the same machine. Any suggestions?

  17. Meaghan says:

    I am also unable to use Adobe products (CS, Acrobat Pro) with the new Lion software. And I simply cannot afford to re-purchase the CS software. Very disappointed that this couldn’t have been worked out between Apple, Rosetta and other applications.

  18. Paul says:

    I have just switched to Lion, and “An error occurred when attempting to change modules” pops up when I try to go to “Develop”. in Lightroom 2.7

    I was able to import new images from disk, and use Library, Slideshow and Web, but not Develop.

  19. Nate says:

    I just brought a new macbook pro, I cannot install my photoshop CS2 on it, if this is the case will I still be able to upgrade it to CS5? And run that without having the old version ie CS2

  20. Terry says:

    Just bought a new iMac running OSX 10.7 Lion. Downloaded a trial version of Photoshop CS5 Extended and now my mail program can’t get past the spinning rainbow. I have to force quit to close the mail. Suspect it is something to do with a communication feedback feature I authorized via email authentication during install. Help please.

  21. Raweden says:

    It’s just a hell to be using any Creative Suite product (exert Flash Builder as it’s built on Eclipse) on Lion, most problematic is the how their user interfaces works with lion. One issue is that as soon as one of these products are running they cluster the Mission Central so is’s useless when using CS apps, as this isn’t enough the also tends to cluster other applications running in fullscreen which is just not a okey workflow.

    I would love to see CS integrated with front most the fullscreen API, and versions and autosave would not be wrong as CS apps always seams to crash when they are not supposed to.

  22. Gary Ramu says:

    Am migrating a customer from PC to iMac running OSX Lion. At PC, photos have been heavily categorized and tagged.

    What are the issues with backingup then restoring the libraries from Photoshop to Lightroom?

  23. Kurt says:

    Trying to install Photoshop CS3 to a new Macbook Air running Lion. At launch I get an error message, “A required application library failed to load and the product cannot continue. Please reinstall the application”. Hmmm…. I’ve tried uninstalling, running disk utility, reinstalling but keep getting the same message. I can install Bridge and it works fine though.

  24. Kirsty says:

    I’m on Leopard going up to Lion via Snow Leopard. Do I have to reinstall CS3&CS5 and all my apps – or does it all just work magically?

  25. Romina Sosa Lukman says:

    i want to know for how long i have to wait to instal photoshop cs5 in my mac os x 10.7.2 so it runs property. thanks 🙂

  26. mtborange says:

    support staff at Adobe. You have the patients of a saint!

  27. Sarah Bultman says:

    I finally switched over to a mac and got the new os x 10.7.2. (YEA!)

    But, as I was transferring, I tried to instal lightroom 2 (which said it was compatible for mac and pc) it said it failed to install but gave no explanation. I’ve been on the phone with people in india (adobe help) and they didn’t really know. And then another person in the states, and she said it didn’t really support lightroom 2 so I should just upgrade to lightroom 3. but that just doesn’t seem right.
    Is this really the way things are or should I just wait for adobe or mac to come out with something that will fix the problem?

    I agree that they shouldn’t make people pay for upgrades they don’t want just so their already purchased products will work.
    If there is no technical solution I suggest that Adobe give out free upgrades to people in this situation.

    It really isn’t ethical what they are doing… even if it was unintentional.

  28. evan says:

    Photoshop more than anything is the app I’d like to see work with these new features of Lion, especially versioning and fullscreen. It is absolutely pathetic that Adobe can’t have support for these features near the date of Lion’s release. Its now 4 months later in fact, and still nothing. Not to mention, Apple provided developer previews of Lion a YEAR in advance. Your team shouldn’t be “investigating” the new features at its release, they should have been wrapping it up. This is part of Steve Jobs’s problem with Flash, as things change with Apple’s OSes, Adobe has no ability to keep up, even if given a year. I believe in Steve’s address about Flash on iOS, he even mentioned that Cocoa had been out for 10 years, and Adobe had just released a Cocoa version of Photoshop around the time he wrote it. I know Photoshop is a large, extremely complex app, but its also an expensive, professional app that should have the resources in place to adapt with changes to the OSes it runs on. Adobe should be ashamed.

    • Who had a Cocoa/64bit version of a professional photo organizing software? (Hint: It wasn’t Apple. Correct Answer: Adobe Lightroom)
      Who had a Cocoa/64bit version of a professional video editing suite? (Hint: It wasn’t Apple. Correct Answer: Adobe Production Premium with Premiere Pro, After Effects – and Photoshop)

      So, to say that Photoshop team doesn’t care about the Mac platform – or can’t keep up – is pure FUD if Apple itself took longer to port their professional apps. It wasn’t a small task for anyone, including Apple itself, to port robust, feature rich, mature applications to Cocoa/64bit.

      I’m a Mac user and fan – I’ve owned just about every era of Apple II and Mac computer over my lifetime. I was personally a part of producing a Cocoa/64bit version of Photoshop.

      Is Photoshop perfect? No. I’m one it’s biggest critics. But, I don’t agree with your assessment that I should be ashamed. I’m proud of my work on Photoshop.

      • evan says:

        I think you misunderstand what I meant, to some degree. I don’t think you should be ashamed of Photoshop as a whole, I think Photoshop is an amazing app and it’s by far one of my favorites. The cocoa thing was just an example, I’m sure its a big undertaking, whatever. Let’s not get too sidetracked by that. My main issue is that you guys aren’t able to get fairly simple features like going fullscreen out in any reasonable amount of time, you didn’t really address this in your response. Thank you, however, for your response.

        • Ahh. Gotcha. Sorry. Two things:

          What you think may be a ‘simple’ feature may be more engineering/testing work than you think.

          There are also accounting rules that prevent adding features mid-cycle (revenue recognition) that are outside engineering control – even if something were simple to implement. Less than ideal, I agree, but it’s not because the Photoshop team is lazy.

          • evan says:

            Again, thank you for the response. I also didn’t mean to say you or your team are lazy, but I think we’ve gotten to the heart of the issue with your latest response, it’s that Adobe intentionally holds back features until a major release. I mean, I understand that you can’t do anything about the company’s policy about when it gives out a new feature and of course your team deserves to be paid for their hard work. I guess personally I feel like some little (yes, this is in my opinion “little”) features along the way like going fullscreen would be a nice goodwill gesture to people who buy your ~$600 dollar apps. On the flip side, I totally understand if you guys do major things like rewrite it in 64bit, add 3D modeling, etc, that those are major features that deserve to be purchased.

          • It’s not so much that “Adobe intentionally holds back features until a major release” – what I meant by “revenue recognition” (which is an accounting rule for filing earnings – not a concept unique Adobe) – is there are regulations that prevent us from releasing new features when you sell perpetual licenses. One of the benefits of subscription based software is it avoids these rules about including new features during a release cycle. I don’t want to go into it all too deeply – It’s really all a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that end users really don’t care about . Trust me, I completely understand the user’s (your) desire here. I’d recommend moving discussion about what you’d like to see changed/improved in our products here:

            Users can submit idea/problems and questions that others can comment and vote on. There are over 70 developers from all the digital imaging teams (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc) that participate there. We’re interested what users have to say.

          • Nick says:

            Jeffrey, much kudos for taking the time to reply to these comments, even when people are clearly angry or upset about something. I love Photoshop, even when it drives me up the wall. Dealing directly with your customers like this is hugely admirable.

          • Thanks. I’m doing my best to be helpful.

  29. Mark says:

    Hi. I just purchased Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended for my MacBook Pro which is operating OS X Lion 10.7.2. I was sent the CD in the mail; however, when I try to install the software, the installer gets about 40% complete and then completely locks up my computer forcing me to power cycle using the power button. It has done this three times after multiple restarts. Can you help me?

  30. Ivy says:

    I cannot download Lightroom 3 to my iMac Lion (v. 10.7). Download does not complete.

  31. Erik Aaseth says:

    An issue when performing image sharpening in PS 5.1 on Lion 10.7.2:

    In the sharpening preview window (where you alter the radius/amount), you can toggle the sharpening effect back and forth between applied/not applied by click|hold a mouse button. But as you click the mouse, the preview picture is offset in some direction, sort of jumping slightly sideways, making the observation of the effect difficult, as you visually loose track of the sharpening change due to this sudden movement of the preview picture. Here the pic should stand perfectly still if clicking|holding a mouse button. As it does in Snow Leopard…

    Same thing happens either you use a Mac Mighty Mouse or a std. USB mouse, on any mouse pad or surface, regardless of the mouse config for speed, sensitivity etc.

  32. Jerry says:

    Is there any timetable as to when Adobe will fix the 5D tether issue associated with Lightroom and Lion 10.7.2? There are a lot of 5D’s out there. I had to purchase a copy of Apple’s Aperture which allows for the tethering function with the 5D but I much prefer using Lightroom.

  33. Randall says:

    I’m incredibly interested in a response to this as well. Will LR4 at least have this functionality again?

  34. shelley says:

    I just read all these comments and have this to add. I have no idea what you are talking about. I wouldn’t know a 5 d tether from the cocoa 54 bit…but I upgraded to LION to try and finish a film project with Final Cut. Now nothing works. I am not an e-geek (that is said with great love and admiration) but every time there is a major change I get further behind the curve. It’s time to give it up for the night but let me have the last word…I am one of the 99% . We are tired and just want a glass of wine.

  35. Diane says:

    I have a new MacBook Pro & with Lion & I installed Photoshop CS3 & then the upgrade CS4. Then I did the Migration Assistant. Photoshop is working okay except it won’t recognize Camera Raw files. So I reinstalled CS4 again … No change & rebooted….Still won’t open Camera Raw. Can you help me. Diane

  36. JP says:

    I just recently upgraded to Lion 10.7.2 with Photoshop CS5 from Snow Leopard. I now notice that in the Print menue settings are not displaying correctly. In the Printer Settings drop down menue the Page Setup is incorrect as is Paper Thickness and Platen Gap. When I create a preset in CS5 values appear to be set correctly, but not displaying correctly. If I look at that same preset created in Photoshop in Lightroom 3.6 the values show correctly and they also show correctly in Apple’s Preview. Photoshop appears to send the correct information to the Epson 4880 printer that I’m using.

    Is this a known issue?

    Thank you

  37. JP says:

    Yes. After loading OSX 10.7.2, I reset the printing system and downloaded the latest drivers from Epson for the Stylus Pro 4880. Epson 4880 driver Version 8.64 and Epson LFP Remote Panel 2 Version 1.30.

    I do not have any problem creating printer setting presets for paper/printer combinations in Lightroom 3.6+Lion. When I verify the presets I created in Lightroom in Lightroom they appear as I set them.

    Verifying the same presets created in Lightroom in CS5, the Page Setup and items in Advanced Media Control appear reset to the default setting, not as I created them. If I view a printer preset in Lightroom that I created in CS5, then the preset appears as I set it.

    Printing from CS5 to the 4880 using a preset appears to work. But since the preset doesn’t verify as I created it leaves me uncertain.

    Strange behavior and I’m not quite sure what else I can try to fix this problem. I’ve reset the printing system in Lion, downloaded the latest version of the printer driver twice now. Apple Preview appears to have the same problem behavior as CS5 with paper/printer presets, but presets in Lightroom act and verify as I expect.

    Thank you

  38. JP says:

    Correction to the above: Presets in Apple Preview appear as in Lightroom 3.6 in that they act and verify as I expect. I’ve updated to OSX 10.7.3 now. The presets in CS5 still have the same problem as before.

  39. Ike Ogbue says:

    PDF and JPG files created in Photoshop CS5 on an iMac (OSX Lion) cannot be opened on other devices – iPhone, iPad, Windows machines. Why?

  40. Gerald Peake says:

    I’ve just upgraded to Lion 10.7.3. Working in Photoshop CS3 everything seems OK except the Effects (FX) panel shows ‘styles’ instead of effects. It’s strange because the icon still says ‘FX’ but styles come up when it it revealed. I hope I haven’t lost the ability to do drop shadows, type effects and basic stuff like that? Any help please?

  41. Anna Kellen says:

    I just got a new mac book pro that is running Lion. From reading these questions it appears I can go from CS2 to CS5. I bought the upgrade. How can I install the upgrade if I can install CS2 first? Do you just install the upgrade disc? I don’t want to open the upgrade box if it’s not going to work. Then I’ll be out the upgrade money and have to get new full version. YIKES!

  42. EDG says:

    It doesn’t seem as though anyone answered the following post from September.
    By ganesh mahadik – 9:28 AM on September 2, 2011 Reply
    while reading all the issues,please clearly tell me lightroom and adobe cs4 were compatible with os lion because i have purchased imac with mac os 10.6.8 a week before.i am using capture pro 6.2 to convert my raw photos.but i find your lightroom is works great than please tell me that i can upgradet o LION.

    Simply put in my case : should I re-install Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro before installing LR3. It will be the first time I will have LR on my computer.

    Thanks !!


  43. Harry Rabin says:

    CS5 & OS X LION issue: File loads but is not visible on screen. Only one display so it’s NOT hiding on an externally attached display. Everytime I load Photoshop fies or go to create a NEW FILE, The new file window is off the screen? CS5 thinks it’s open but you can’t see it anywhere.

  44. I got with my “sony camera” the Adobe Photoshop elements 3.0, but I cannot download the program on my Mac OSX version 10.7.2. There is a comment coming up ” Power PC-Programm is not supported anymore.
    I tried to install the free version of Adobe photoshop 10 and after installation to use later the code on the envelop of the Adobe Photoshop elements 3.0.; but this was not accepted.
    Please can you advice?

  45. Valarie says:

    I just bought a new iMac and want to purchase Photoshop Elements 10. The package says it’ s compatible with OS 7. My mac is 10.7.3 – will it work, or should I wait for a newer version of Photoshop?

  46. Eileen says:

    I have Photoshop CS5. What’s the latest bottom line about whether this will be compatible with OS 10.7? I will not install 10.7 if Photoshop will be incompatible.

  47. Have upgraded to Mac 10.7 Lion. Using Photoshop CS5 then to print on Epson R2400 selecting Print Settings, the box to select colour, to choose Advanced B&W or just black is greyed out. No one (Epson, Adobe or Apple) seem to know why. Any ideas?

  48. So my simple question is this. I have a brand new MBP 2.2 GHz i7 running Lion 10.7.3. I am interested in getting CS 5.5 Web Premium. Is this fully compatible with Lion 10.7.3?

  49. Mr Junior says:

    I am glad I stopped here, also viewed other forums about CS5s compatibility on Lion.

    I was about to finally upgrade. Feared a *possible* risk of my Adobe suite running into some problems. I will hold off for now, thanks all for the input, you saved me from -again a possible- headache. 🙂

  50. Jon F says:

    I have a new macbook pro running 10.7.3 and the latest driver for my epson 2400. Printing via airport extreme works OK when using something like “easy photo print” but when I print the same file from CS5 photoshop, there is severe banding. Any suggestions?

  51. Patty says:

    when you buy adobe photoshop elements 10 for Mac, do you have to download all 3 discs?? I got 3 discs which I had to instal the disc #3 first for Mac but it didn’t install #2 or #1…What is that all about???

    • The disks for elements support installing both Mac and Windows. If you’re only installing on Mac, just use the disk labeled Mac. The other disks are used for installing on Windows.

  52. Danielle says:

    Hi. 🙂 I just got a macbook pro for an xmas gift a few months ago. i’m using osx lion 10.7.3 and I installed the trial version of photoshop elements 10. It worked but after the trial I tried to buy it. It wasn’t available on the online store in the U.S.. So I tried to download cs5, i won’t open..Can someone please help me? I’ve been aching to draw using this new macbook pro without the crummy apps that they provide but if I can’t get this fixed, I think I may be going back to a pc. 🙁

  53. evan says:

    Hey Jeff, its your pal evan again. I’m checking out the new Photoshop 6 beta… still couldn’t lockdown that Lion fullscreen feature eh?

  54. matt says:

    Jeffry, or anyone,

    I just bought a new macbook with Lion, and i also bought the UPGRADE from CS2 Premium to CS5 Premium.

    If Lion won’t run CS2, then how can I get the upgrade to to CS5 run on my new computer?

    Very much need help with this.

  55. Chris Whear says:

    Strikes me that all you people complaining about incompatabilities with Adobe products or any other software vendors for that matter and using said software to run your businesses or critical projects should stop and think a bit about what happens if… before upgrading any OS. It’s easy enough to partition your drive and run a new system for testing and be able to switch back to one that you know works, or a Carbon Copy Cloner backup done up to the point of the upgrade allows you to go back or run it re-install it from a drive be up and running again in no time. TEST,TEST don’t TRUST TRUST!!

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, individual testing is extremely important when upgrading any piece of software – especially the OS. It’s important to make sure all the interrelated pieces of your set-up work together – especially with older plug-ins, drivers, hardware and peripherals like printers, scanners, etc.

  56. Steven Reynolds says:

    I bought a Mac Mini with Lion in it, the 10.6 version, and afterwards learned through this site and others that my old Photoshop 7.0 won’t work in it. As Mr. Whear suggests on May 20, 2012 on your site, I should’ve done much more research before I purchased it. That being said, I’m stuck with the Lion and need to purchase an Adobe Photoshop version that will work in it without a lot of hassle. I bought Lightroom 4 and it works–but it isn’t Photoshop as I need it in my desktop publishing business. Please suggest the best Photoshop/Creative Suite application I should purchase for it.

  57. jim scovell says:

    I’ve always bragged up my G4 Mac and the fact it still works wonderfully. To finely invest in I-mac lion and find I’m going to have to purchase all new photo shop and illustrator with no update pos., with no warning of a problem makes me want to warn anyone thinking about Mac and talk them out of trusting any thing about Mac. It’s not the change, it’s the dishonesty. Fool me once etc.. When Mac starts down this road it will be tuff coming back, ask any business.

    • Jim,

      It is disruptive for customers when hardware and OS changes like this – but I think in the long run Apple’s move to Intel chips has been a good thing in terms of performance. I had one of the last, top-of-the-line G5s to roll off the production line and the very first Intel iMacs blew it away with OS startup and application launch time across the board.

      what versions of Illustrator and Photoshop do you own?

  58. TravisBurrell says:

    Ill tell you what upsets me.

    Adobe Creative Cloud. Now I cant buy an upgrade from CS2. I now HAVE to pay 120 dollars a year until Adobe jacks up the price per month on software that I used to own and NOT have to worry about paying again until I wanted an upgrade.

    So now that im on Mountain Lion and my version is CS2. I have to pay online for a used FULL copy of CS3 or newer and pay 500 dollars at least for it. I’ll be damned if Im going to be a part of this monthly lease program Adobe is screwing their customers with now. If you honestly had a vote as to customers who like or dislike the new Creative Cloud, I can guarantee 3 to 1 customers are going to HATE Adobe for this now and may just give up on their products and find another software to be accustomed to.

    You are really upsetting several of your home and personal use clientele. Your only income is going to become businesses which will end up killing a large chunk of profit.

  59. John says:

    Hello Travis,
    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this as it is 2015
    I have an OSX 10.7.5 and want to install Lightroom. Which LR is best compatible?
    I cannot find anywhere with compatibility lists but read between the lines that LR 6 is for 10.8 and higher, so I can only guess that mine is a step lower but want to be sure…
    Or would I best upgrade to Yosemite? but I would be concerned there, over the possibility of corruption issues with other older softwear etc etc…as I tend to take the path ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’.
    any advice appreciated


  60. Steve says:

    OK, how about a new topic, for super old-school application? I’m on MacBookPro 17″ v 2,1, OSX 10.7.5. Will my liscensed PS CS3 install and function properly, and which version of Lightroom is best with this combination and where/how can I get it?



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