Help with Downloading, Installing & Activating

I’ve tried to create a roadmap to finding help with purchases/orders, downloading, installing and activating your product.

Table of Contents:

Create an Adobe ID and Register Photoshop
Access Adobe Store Orders
Download, Install & Setup
Product Activation

Create an Adobe ID and Register Photoshop

First off, it’s extremely important to have an Adobe ID and register your copy of Photoshop. Benefits of registering your product:

If you need help creating or accessing your Adobe ID account, please consult the following documents for assistance:

Access Adobe Store Orders

If you purchased a product from Adobe and need help with your order, try the following links:

Don’t see the answer to your question? Contact support: choose “Photoshop” as your product, Choose “Orders, Refunds, and Exchanges” as the topic you need help with, then click the button [I still need help…] to be given options for chat and phone support if the self-help solutions provided don’t solve your issue. Chat support for order issues is available 24/7. I personally prefer the chat option over phone.

Download, Install & Setup

Bar none, this is the best place to find answers, ask questions and get help for download and install problems is in the specialized community where help is available 24/7:

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your question isn’t answered or you can’t find the the answer you need, please contact support: Choose “Photoshop” as your product, Choose “Downloading, installing and setting up” as the topic you need help with, then click the button [I still need help…] to be given options for chat and phone support if the self-help solutions provided don’t solve your issue. I personally prefer the chat option over phone. Chat & phone support for download and install issues is available Monday-Friday, 5am-7pm PST.

Product Activation

During the installation of Photoshop CS6, you will be asked to be online and use your Adobe ID to activate your software. You will only be asked to do this once, when you install your product. If you’re not online at the time of install, you will have 7 days to go online and complete this process. If your product is a subscription or Creative Cloud membership, activation will take place once every 30 days for a subscription license check. (This happens in the background) If you are not online for 30 days, your software will remind you to connect to the Internet.

If you need help creating or accessing your Adobe ID account, please consult the following documents for assistance:

Activation FAQs:

If none of the self-help solutions work for you, contact support: choose “Photoshop” as your product, Choose “Activating my product, or serial number issues” as the topic you need help with, then click the button [I still need help…] to be given options for chat and phone support if the self-help solutions provided don’t solve your issue. Chat support for activation is available 24/7. I personally prefer the chat option over phone.

185 Responses to Help with Downloading, Installing & Activating

  1. Ken Gordon says:

    I loaded the photoshop software on my PC but after I shut down and restarted my system would not restart until I went through the restore backup procedure which removed photoshop. The photoshop files seem to be still on my pc but I can’t seem to see a startup file to get me going again.
    Can you help me to get the show back on the road again?
    Best regards,

  2. I downloaded a trial copy of CS6 then purchased the program. When I installed the serial number I didn’t have an internet connection. After 30 days a window popped up stating that the trial had expired. I uninstalled the trial copy and installed a fresh copy. When I try to enter my serial number it says: This license has expired.

  3. Hey there Rodger, you shouldn’t have needed to uninstall the trial and reinstall the software – in theory you should just be able to activate the trial permanently by entering the key you bought. Nevertheless, there should be no harm in doing that either.

    If there’s no way you can get the software to accept your SN with Internet access on, then try contacting Adobe support via one of the options mentioned in “Product Activation” above.

    There are also other ways to activate the software… See this FAQ for more details:

    Adobe Software Installation and Activation FAQ

  4. Al McKenzie says:

    Yesterday I successfully installed Photoshop Elements 11. Seemed to work fine as I played around with it. Today I was asked to open Adobe Applications Manager to update Photoshop Elements. Everything went fine until I received instructions that I was to close ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe. I can’t find that toclose. The Update stopped on Photoshop Camera Raw 7.3.
    Can you suggest what to do?

  5. Al McKenzie says:

    Thanks! I will give that a try!

  6. Al McKenzie says:

    Okay, tried your suggestion, but the results are the same. About 9% into the update, I receive instructions to close ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe. I cannot find this.

    I closed everything, including the Editor, but the update still stalls.

    Any other suggestions?

  7. Trudey Peterson says:

    I have an old version of Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 and it is locking up. Currently I have Windows Vista…..were can I down load updates or fixes from?

  8. Steve says:

    I have purchesed the upgrade to lightroom 5 and now I am having trouble importing my catalog from 4. When I click on “File” there is an upgrade to Elements catalog but not Lightroom catalog. How am I to import my lightroom 4 into lightroom 5? I exported my catalog but it only seemed to capture 30% and those images I will need to relocate to use. Am I missing something very simple?

    • Choose File>Open Catalog and navigate to your Lightroom 4 catalog. Opening it up will give you options to upgrade it. On Mac it is located here:

      /Users//Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom 4 Catalog.lrcat

  9. Nicki says:

    I currently have Photoshop Elements 9 installed. I can never view all my toolbar menus unless I reduce the icon size for my enire PC to small…which is almost too small to even read. I’ve purchased Elements 11 in hopes that this glitch has been remedeed but still wonder 3 things.

    Does someone know if infact that problem has been fixed in “11”?
    Will I have the option to transfer my photos from “9” somehow?
    Must I uninstall “9” before I install “11”?

  10. Richard says:

    I have a MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 and when I try to install Lightroom 5 from CC it gets to 84% installed and quits. Any one know the reason why? it gives me these error codes:

    Exit Code: 7
    – 0 fatal error(s), 2 error(s)

    ———– Payload: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.pkg_5.3 ———–
    ERROR: DW006: Apple Package failed to install successfully.
    ERROR: Third party payload installer Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.pkg failed with exit code: 1

  11. Roger Bishop says:

    I recently had to replace my trusty desktop which had Photoshop 7 and it worked fine.

    I tried loading the program on the new computer with Windows 7.

    I enter the product code for the upgrade of Photoshop 7 and it asks for an earlier version so I enter the info for upgrade 5 and I get an error message to contact you.

    So what now?

  12. Hi:

    My Photoshop Elements 10 was working fine. However recently when starting up it doesn”t let me in. I get the message error 6. The Photoshop program was on my computer when I bought it.


  13. Terri Chandler says:

    I am currently running Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 7.0 for Windows and for some time now I have not been able to “Sign In” from inside the software to my account. Instead I attempt to log in and receive an error message that reads as follows: “ services are currently unavailable. Please try again later or check your network connections. Error 400″ I am not on a “network” and am not having any trouble with my internet connection. I came to the website, and was able to log in and was recognized without any problem. When I click on the “Update Photoshop” option from inside the software it acts as if it is contacting “someone” and then says there are currently no updates available. Has Adobe stopped supporting Photoshop 7.0 and could this be causing my problems? I considered upgrading but would like to know why I can’t log into my account from 7.0 first. I have no other problem using the software at all, just can’t log in without receiving that error message. Thank you!

      • Terri Chandler says:

        Thank you for that information, which I promise I had called myself looking for and never found. I am relieved to know that I do not have to log in for updates, but what this link didn’t seem to address is that logging in is the only way we can use the scrapbooking artwork provided with and at one time downloadable, under the “Create” tab in Editor. I don’t do as much scrapbooking as I used to, but one does have to “log in” in order to use that feature before it will allow you to download any background artwork and since I can’t log in any more, that option seems to have become obsolete as well. Thank you and the fact of the matter is that I just need/want to update my Photoshop software and hope to do so more sooner than later. Thank you VERY much for all your help and support!

  14. Jessica Grinaker says:

    Hi. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I recently bought a new computer and i would like to install my photoshop design suite onto it, however the box was accidentally thrown away with the serial codes. Is there any way for me to get my serial keys back? And for me to install these programs? I bought them very recently and as it was quite expensive I am very hesitant to buy the box again. I require these programs as soon as possible for my studies, please if anyone can email me a solution or put me in contact with someone who can help me I would really appreciate it.

  15. Ann Marano says:

    Hi, In 12/13 I purchased photoshop elements 12 online version. could not download it. I had an adobe support advisor try unsuccessfully to help me. five different times. I got a refund. I tell you this because a week ago I purchased 12 again, this time a disc . Can’t install it. Keep getting error message 2343. Also a message saying remove 12.. .This is what I think..When trying to download the online version in 12/13, there is some part of it still on my computer. I found a file but it is empty. I have elements 8 which crashed just before I tried installing 12. I uninstalled 8.
    Hope you can help me..thanking you in advance.. ann

  16. joshua wright says:

    i recently bought photoshop cc but when i try to download it i get a message sayin “You are running an operating system that Photoshop no longer supports. Refer to the system requirements below for a full list of supported platform ” please help!!!!

  17. Brie says:

    Hello. Everytime I try to set up the adobe id/account it just loads forever. Nothing happens. It’s stuck doing it again right now. why does it do this? All I am doing is putting the correct info and “creating account”…

  18. Shawn says:

    I did a fresh install of photoshop cs6 on my win8 laptop and it gave this error message.

    Some of the product(s ) could not be installed successfully. Shows the 2 of the PS Icons
    This was in the message code for the error
    Exit Code: 6
    Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example, ERROR:

    ————————————– Summary ————————————–

    – 0 fatal error(s), 4 error(s)

    ———– Payload: Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86 {92D58719-BBC1-4CC3-A08B-56C9E884CC2C} ———–

    ERROR: Install MSI payload failed with error: 1618 – Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install.
    MSI Error message:

    ERROR: Third party payload installer Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msi failed with exit code: 1618

    ———– Payload: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) 9.0.30729.4148 {9C4AA28F-AC6B-11E0-8997-00215AEA26C9} ———–

    ERROR: Third party payload installer vcredist_x86.exe failed with exit code: 1618

    ERROR: Failed to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). Please try installing it by double clicking on the executable at “C:\Users\Shawn\Desktop\Adobe CS6\Photoshop\Adobe CS6\payloads\Microsoft VC 2008 Redist (x86)\vcredist_x86.exe”, or download and install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) from Microsoft website –

  19. Ashutosh Nigam says:

    Please restart your system and download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) from:

    Let me know in case of any issues.


  20. Helena Schulin says:

    I can’t believe I can’t find any e-mail for Adobe Support!
    I really need to get my photoshop up and running after having to buy a new computer. I can’t use my license anymore. When I type it in it says that my license is invalid! I was told that I should “deactivate” my license to use it again, but I have no idea how and where to do that. Please help me.

    Regards Helena Schulin

  21. Jimmy Nicholson says:

    I have Design Premium Suite CS4 (student version) installed on a 7 year old laptop that does not work. How do I remove the Adobe software to another usable computer? Although I have the Product Code # and Serial #, I have lost the discs.

  22. Carol Riznikove says:

    I have been trying for 4 days to find out if Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 2 will run on Windows 7 64 bit. When I asked the first time on June 14 I didn’t know it was 64 bit. I also have a disc for Elements 7 if that will work. I have serial numbers from the programs and want to put them on Windows 7 64bit machine.

    • Pete Green says:

      I think the best way to test this would be to try installing it. Both CS3 and LR2 were created prior to Windows 7. It could/should work, but not exactly a supported configuration. We have newer version of both Photoshop and Lightroom that have included newer OS support.

      • Carol Riznikove says:

        Thank you for your response.
        Not being very computer savvy, I am concerned about causing problems if I install. What is the worst that can happen?
        I would have to put serious thought into purchasing new programs. I am retired, but I like to work on personal projects. I am concerned about the longevity of the Windows XP computers that I use now and was hoping this could work.

  23. Jake morris says:

    I just downloaded and installed Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. However, whenever I open Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 it shows the splash screen then an error message immediately pops up that says “Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 has stopped working”, “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” I read about similar things happening to users with an out of date driver but I have a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 and it says its up to date. Any info on how I can fix this quickly would be very much appreciated

  24. Ann says:

    I have an old version Photoshop 7, it uploaded to my new computer running Windows 7. I used the Adobe Image Ready and after closing it the program stopped working. Restarting my computer didn’t work, re-installing didn’t work so I uninstalled Photoshop. Then I tried to install Photoshop again and receive the following message;

    Component Move Data had the following error:
    Media Name: Data
    Component required
    File Group: Required- shared
    File:C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Required\ADMU13.fon
    Error Number: -115 (refer to online help)

    Please help now I don’t have either Photoshop or Image Ready and I need both.

  25. Carole DiGangi says:

    My downloaded version of photoshop opens frozen. Rebooting the computer does nothing for the problem. Help. Carole

  26. CINDY D says:


    • You can log into your Adobe account using your Adobe ID – your email address – to retrieve your serial #. I see it registered in our system under your account. I’ve sent you an email with the info.

  27. Please help I need to uninstall CS6 but uninstaller is now gone.
    I installed Photoshop 2014 because I was having problems with Phoshop opening up on my backup drive when I opened images from light room and often it would open the two Lightrooms.

    I installed 2014 and uninstalled CS6 Photoshop but it did not remove the program how ever it did remove the uninstaller for CS6. Now I can’t uninstall and need to get rid of CS6 because Lightroom is still opening two photoshops often. Sigh…..

  28. Gabby Weil says:

    My fiancé has photoshop elements 12 installed. He bought it on line and it has been working fine until it has suddenly reverted back to a trial version even though it is not. He cannot get any joy from Adobe as to how he can remedy this – do you have any ideas please?

    • Brett N says:

      This behavior can occur when the serial number which is stored on the computer is removed (generally by something like a registry cleaner or similar application). When you launch and see the Trail screen, you should have a button that allows you to license this software. When you click that, you’ll be able to re-enter the serial number and make the product fully licensed again.

  29. Nat Abrahms says:

    Where is the ID NO. located on the Photoshop Elements 12 Installation package?

  30. Kurt Navratil says:

    I have LR5 CC version. It has been working fine up till a few days ago. Now it will not import any files. I have version 5.5 . After I insert the card reader, the pictures come up on LR but when I hit import, I get this message.
    “The following files were no imported because they could be read.”

    I also have Photoshop CC and LR4 both will import no problem.
    Any ideas?

  31. Al Buescher says:

    Running Windows 7 and have tried all suggestions to get past error message of “error during installation of shared technologies software”, which then uninstalls my newly purchased Photoshop Elements 12 software. Hoping you can advise?. Thanks

  32. Natalie says:

    Hello! I Purchased a student design program package in May of 2011. I am finally getting a new computer, but I can’t seem to access my serial number. I log in to my adobe account and it says I have no products listed. The confirmation email was sent to a work email address at an office where I no longer have employment (therefore no longer have access to those emails). Help?

  33. Leona says:

    I have Photoshop Elements 9 that I purchased a few years ago. I established an account, but never really used it. I want to be able to edit photos and them share them, but I am unable sign on to my account. I get an error message saying services are unavailable please try later with an error code of 400. I changed my password earlier today through the Photoshop website, but this did not help me access my account from within Elements 9. I received the same error code. Please help. Thanks.

  34. Tami says:

    Help! My light room shortcut disappeared from my desktop, so I went to creative cloud and re installed LR 5.6. Now when I open light room, the splash page opens and locks up, when I click on anything it says LR is not responding and I have to close down. Now my LR is totally useless, can anyone please help!!!. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still the same problem.

  35. Harry Layne says:

    I was running LR 4.4 while the computer was unattended and not plugged in and it ran out of power and quit. When I re-started the computer, LR will not start after several attempts. It says “Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and need to quit.” numerous re-launches of the program failed to be effective. Thanks

  36. Susan Fry says:

    I just upgraded to LR5 on a new computer. When I import photos from a card the thumbnails are blank and gray. There are 3 dots on the upper right hand corner which state “loading”. I tried restarting. No change. The photos that where in there are showing up no problem. This only happens with the new 1st import.
    I have many problems besides this one but I would at least be able to work on my current photos.
    Please help.
    Susan :)

  37. viola upchurch says:

    My sister is slightly challenged and found Adobe Photoshop 4.0 (from years ago) easy to use. She has tried PS 6.0 and Elements 12. and hates them. She runs Windows 8.1 and can not install her old 4.0, as it states there is not enough memory? Is there ANY way for her to get it to install? If not, which of the many ‘Photoshop’ programs available, would most closely resemble the Adobe Photoshop 4.0?

  38. Lawrence says:

    “Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 has stopped working” pops up whenever I try to open the app. It then immediately exits out. Please help

  39. Larry Taggesell says:

    My computer hard drive crashed. I had downloaded Adobe Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere 12. Both are lost. How can I get them back? I am a PC user with windows 7.

  40. Jan Hill says:

    I have just bought a new Mac Book Pro and on using LR tried to ‘Edit in CS6″ but Error 1 came up. Can you help please?

  41. Dick says:

    I experienced a hard disc crash and need to download Elements 12 for reinstall. I have my serial numbers from the original purchase, but I can’t find a link to download the software. Most Adobe related to Elements 12 links divert me to Elements 13. How do I find a download for Elements 12??

  42. Anneke says:

    I have downloaded the Extra Downloadable 3D content for Photoshop CC2014 but the Materials.zxp uses Photoshop CS6’s Adobe Extension Manager CS6. How do i install it on CC2014.

  43. Donna says:

    I recently bought a new computer and want to install Photoshop 4, which I’ve been using on my older computer, on the new one. I deactivated the version on my old computer and downloaded PS4 on my new computer but when I started the installer, it accepts the serial number from the version that was on my old computer but then asks for a serial number from an earlier version of PS, which I don’t have. How can I install and continue using PS4 on my new computer?

  44. Donna says:

    Hi Jeffrey – it’s Windows 8.1. I just installed PS2, which is now available as a free download on the Adobe site, and that works fine, but I’m still unable to upgrade to PS4, which is the version that I had a licensed copy of on my old laptop.

  45. jayvee says:

    I have my Adobe photoshop cs6 in my program files but the .EXE file can’t be opened..i’m a windows 7 user.. please help..

  46. John says:

    Had to reload my PE 10. Now it won’t let me sign in to my account. I have sign into it by logging in through my web browser but not through Photoshop Elements. Got any ideas how I can get this fixed?

  47. Jerry Meyer says:

    I am running Win 7 and trying to update LR 5.3 to 5.6. No problem downloading the installation package, but when I run the installer, it can’t find the Adobe_Lightroom_x64.msi file. The temp folder that should contain this file has not been created. Moreover, I get the additional error message “Error 1714. The older version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6 64-bit cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. System Error 1612.” Thanks in advance for your help.

  48. HELP! I can’t get started with Lightroom. Installed trial version, then purchased CD. Upgraded to 5.7. Never used it and now when I hit the “Import” button I get this message:
    Could not find namespace: AgCreativeCloudUtils

  49. tony says:

    I cannot get photoshop 5.0 to install update, receive error message. how do i solve this problem?

  50. Raman says:

    Just bough photoshop 12 from Costco. Loaded the disc into my PC laptop. Loading software was successful but I cannot open and work with it. I only see the adobe photoshop 12 premier trial in the computer and even that does not function properly! Anything I should try?

  51. Pam K. says:

    Serial# problem/Install problem
    I’m trying to install PS 12.1 (or PS CS5.1) on my “new” 2012 Mac Pro (Intel chip), I’ve just upgraded my computer this year (2014). I purchased the PSCS5 upgrade, (in advance of getting my new computer), right from Adobe on 2/28/12 when you were running a 20% off special. The email ad stated “Upgrade to the latest Adobe Creative Suite edition or individual product from CS2, CS3, CS4, and save 20% instantly. The install procedure is not accepting my CS2 serial number-it’s saying it’s not for a qualifying product. I’ve tried with & without the hyphens, and I’ve tried the 24 number code & a 20 number code from the PS “About” menu item (which is the same number without the last 4 digits). My original Mac Pro is a G4 Power PC 2002 desktop (Motorola chip) running Tiger OSX 10.4.11, that’s what I installed Creative Suite 2 Premium on. I’m now trying to install PSCS5.1 (or PS 12) on my new/used Mac Pro 2012 (Intel chip) running Mt. Lion OSX 10.8.5. I posted my serial number on “My Adobe Account” page manually for PSCS5, but it is not installed on my Mac yet. Please help I’ve been trying for days to get thru to Adobe customer service on the phone and online chat to no avail.

  52. Lisa says:

    I have installed Photoshop Elements 12 but I can’t seen to use the editor function. Every time I attempt to use it I get a “sign in” screen. I sign in but nothing happens. I can get into the organize function but can’t edit anything. That is why I purchased the software. I have updated but nothing. Should I reinstall?

  53. Cindy says:

    I was Given a Photoshop Program back in Aproximately 2009 I have the Serail Number but cant find the proper Photoshop

  54. Lois says:

    I bought a Photoshop cs3 program. I never registered the product.. It worked fine however. Now I purchased a windows 8.1computer and it won’t work. Can you help me to register this product. I have the serial number. I would be so happy if you could help me I would be so appreciative. Any info would be so helpful. I am a senior citizen who likes to do graphics and spends a lot of my time.

  55. Ali says:

    i have downloaded adobe photoshop 7 from a torrent but the setup doesnt starts once i open the “SETUP”. im currently using an XP window…. i need urgent help ….

  56. Lisa Reid says:

    I purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 from Amazon. I thought the serial number would be taped to the disc (and forgot to bother checking first) so I threw out the box about a month ago. Now as I’m trying to install, I have no serial number. Is there a way I can show my purchase receipt from Amazon to prove I bought it and get a new serial number?

  57. Mike M says:

    After installing CS4 Master Collection onto Win 7, I continually get the following error message even after continually reinstalling or uninstalling and trying again, it won’t go away..

    “Adobe Photoshop CS4 English Language Pack
    “Error 2.

    “Adobe Photoshop CS4 English Language Pack_x64
    “Error 2.

    “LangPack (English) for DeviceCentral
    “Error 2.

  58. Ross M says:


    We bought CS5 extended (student/teacher) for our MacBook in 2011. I have just bought an iMac and want to transfer the product to this. I have ‘disabled’ and uninstalled CS5 on the MacBook. However, I can’t find the serial number for our product anywhere.

    I’ve searched out email accounts for the subjects ‘Adobe’ and ‘Your serial number’, I’ve checked the product box and slipcase – nothing. When I sign into our Adobe account it says we have no products.

    I’ve installed the trial version of CS5 on the iMac but need to locate the code before this expires in 28 days.

    Adobe chat support hasn’t be available for two days…



  59. Chris Walworth says:

    I purchased an unused, unopened copy of Photoshop 7.0 through e-bay. When I try to register, however, I get an error page – “Sorry, this page is not available – Error Returned – 404″. It also will not let me run updates. I’ve also tried registering through the adobe website, but it says “Please enter a valid serial number”. I am running Win 8.1 and have no problem running Photoshop 7.0. I would like to register my copy and keep it as up to date as possible if it is still supported. If someone could contact me via email I can provide you with the serial number.

    Thank you,


  60. veronica says:

    I download Adobe reader for my V795 and when I’m opening Adobe ID its says my email is invalid.

  61. Brett says:

    My daughter was given Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 for a Christmas gift. She kept the install discs but threw away the packaging. I’m guessing the serial number was in the packaging somwhere. On the disc sleeve are the numbers: 91091128 DVS/A.PSE.13.0.WIN.GEN.MUL.All. Is there a way to retrieve the registration key since this was a gift?

  62. Eileen Levin says:

    I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop Elements 13. I have purchased the full app on-line. How do I install this. Somewhere I read that I should enter the serial number in the software setup screen. Where is that screen?

  63. Sandy Simmons says:

    I purchased and downloaded Photoshop Elements 13 from Dell and the folder is on my computer but when I click in to the folder and try to run the setup I get and error message after the setup begins at 2% I get exit message 7 and ERROR: This installer does not support installation on a 64-Bit Windows operating system. Please download the 64-Bit version of Photoshop Elements.

    ERROR: System check returned with error : 6

    Can I fix this somehow?

  64. Madison says:

    Hello Jeffery,
    I was given adobe photoshop/premiere elements 13 for Christmas. My laptop does not have a disc drive. Is there a way to download from online with the serial number I have?
    Thank you,

  65. Yung Chen says:

    I just re-loaded my PC and found my CS2 (traditional Chinese) is not able to active. Can I get a CS2 (traditional Chinese) copy and S/N? I understand there is some version of CS2 available on the web site but not Chinese version. Thank you.

  66. Yung Chen says:

    Thanks for reply.
    I have already visited this site but it only offer CS2 in English and NOT Chinese traditional!! It only offer Acrobat 7 in “Chinese Traditional”. Could you please check again!! Thank you very much.

    • Click on the turn down “英文” to reveal the links for CS2

      • Yung Chen says:

        Is this means you do not have the “Chinese traditional” CS2 available?? I already have “英文” version but what I really need is the “Chinese traditional”…..Thank you.

        • Yung Chen says:

          Hi Jeffrey,
          If you could not find “Chinese Traditional” CS2 version, will it possible to provide the UI program for Chinese Traditional? Could that work? Thank you again..

  67. jacky says:

    Hi, I purchased a student and teacher edition of adobe photoshop lightroom 5 and filled out the eduverify form. On completion of it and after hitting the submit and verify button a error 404 page came up. Is this normal, do I just need to wait for the verification email or has the form not uploaded to you guys for checking. Your advise would be greatly appreciated.

  68. frank says:

    Hey guys

    I seem to have a problem installing CS6 Master Collection, it frequently stops at 2% complete (currently installing Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 Redistributable package *86) , it has clocked up to 20 thousand remaining of the installation, i dont know what the problem might be
    i’d really appreciate your help

  69. Beth says:

    I have my login for Photoshop and came to downloading it but it can’t even go any further because it says that Photoshop does not support the operating system anymore, I am on windows 7. So I went on to their system requirements and compared what I have, to what it needs and I meet all the requirements so I don’t understand why it won’t work.

  70. Richard says:

    I have purchased photoshop elements 13 for my iMac. Am trying to register the boxed product and have 3 different sets of numbers on the box and 1 set on the paper sleeve of the disc.
    On the box is a PN 8 digit number,
    A bar code with a single number followed by 2 sets of 6 numbers
    A bar code with an 18 digit number.

    On the paper sleeve is a 8 digit number .

    Which is the serial please.

  71. Thomas Logan says:

    I recently bought Illustrator CS6(on a disk) and I would like to download it onto my Macbook Pro which doesn’t have a disk drive. How do you suggest I go about doing so?

  72. jamie says:

    Hi, I own PSE 10 and 11. (installed on different computers) I prefer version 10, but I have a few actions that only work on 11 and greater. I have 10 installed on my main computer with the best screen. Can I install both 10 and 11 on the same pc and switch back and forth between the versions when needed? I do not use the organizer.

  73. Cara says:

    Hi, I’ve just gotten the adobe creative cloud for school, and before I installed photoshop CC my older version of photoshop, elements 8, ran just fine. But once I installed ps cc it just crashes each time I try to run it. I’ve tried restarting, and I plan to try to reinstall elements when I’m home to get my disc. I don’t plan to keep the creative cloud once it’s no longer needed for school (unless I just get extremely reliant on it) so I want to have my old version of photoshop working. I’m willing to get a newer version of elements if I need to, but I would like to know what’s wrong first, would you have any idea?

  74. Kyle says:

    Hello, I have photoshop cs6 installed on my mac however I remember having trouble installing it and therefore have multiple adobe accounts, a few of which I can’t access as I have forgotten the email accounts used. I have recently bought a MacBook and would like to uninstall photoshop from my mac to then reinstall it on my MacBook, but due to not knowing what email the account is set up in, I no longer have the serial number, however I do have the box with the product key on it, is there any way I can use this?

  75. I fear I may be grasping at straws here but I shall ask anyways. I have CS3 on my current computer. It’s an older running Windows XP. It finally starting to bite the dust so I have a new computer ordered that will have Windows 7.1. My current version of CS3 was a downloaded upgrade from the previous version. I have the serial number saved in my profile.

    Is it possible to still download CS3 to my new computer? The old one is possibly infected with some virus issues so I fear that moving it from the old to the new via a PC mover type program may move something malicious to the new one. Being an older version of PS I don’t know if it’s a possibility or not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  76. Xiao says:

    Hi, we have just brought a new computer with window 8.1, and have trouble to install Adobe Creative Suite 3 which we brought a while ago. The issue is that when we put the disc in, it only allows us to choose Japanese. How could we get around the problem?

  77. Bagaskara Ariza says:

    how do you get the request code I don’t know where it is?

  78. amanda Flood says:

    Question. I purchased Photoshop CC. I got a new mac book pro. How do I get My photoshop cc program and actions from the old mac to the new mac? The old Mac is under my husbands name and ID’s.

  79. katelyn says:

    hi, i recently purchased creative cloud photography plan. i am trying to install lightroom 5 but it only says i have 30 day trial when i have paid for this a will every month.

  80. Madison says:

    So I’ve tried to install Photoshop 10 with both the CD and online. I put in the serial code and everything goes fine, I follow the instructions and restart my computer. When my laptop turns back on nothing happens. It’s as if I never tried to install it.
    Why isn’t it working?

  81. William says:

    Hi Jeffrey, in 2009 I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 direct from Dell mail order, with lots of software installed, including Photopshop Elements 6, which worked great for me. Last year the laptop had some problems and was revived/repaired. The repair guy reinstalled stuff from the various backup installation CD discs were were sent to me at the purchase time by Dell. Today I went for the first time to use Photoshop again, and an Adobe page is asking for the serial number.. I have the number on the back of the paper disc packet, which says Made in Germany, and then has the 24 number code…..but I am getting a red cross X when I try to put in number, ie not being accepted. Can you tell me how to activate Photoshop as I definitely have paid for it. thanks, Will

  82. Seanne Coates says:

    I purchased Adobe Photoshop elements 12 and premiere elements 12 a year ago. I was able to install and use the premiere elements and I am now installing Photoshop. When I insert the disk, my computer is looking for pictures to import, instead of opening the dialog box.

  83. Lexi says:

    *** NEED HELP ****

    Before the creative cloud was available, I bought the creative suite about a year or two ago on my PC. I bought it online through adobe and downloaded it. I now have an AMAZING mac and want MY PROGRAMS on my mac not on my crappy PC. I have called Adobe SEVERAL times, and NO HELP. Someone PLEASE help me with this, I paid way to much money for it to go to waste on my pc. I am a graphic designer and I have work to do.

    Best Regards,

  84. Melissa Farrell says:

    I bought Photoshop online. I did not and do not want to work with the “cloud.” It was costly, but, I thought it was worth it. I have been trying to download it for a month and a half off and on. I tried going to the website for help…it no longer is in service! I tried calling for help…was sent to another number which was out of service! I need this program on my new computer. I went to the Adobe site to purchase it thinking I would get support if needed! Apparently I was wrong. I am considering not accepting the charge on my credit card and buying a disc from some vendor! I am extremely disappointed with the Adobe support…or lack of support! I need help and I WANT IT NOW!!!

    • Hi Melissa,

      I don’t see any open support cases for you.

      Have you tried downloading your Photoshop C6 directly from here?

      Do you get a specific error when you try and download?

      I’ll have someone contact you and work with you directly.

      FYI at $999 for Photoshop Extended you can have the Crreative Cloud Photography Plan @ $9.99/mo for close to 8.5 years:

      The Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom, Lightroom mobile, and get all the product updates/upgrades (e.g. Photoshop 2014, 2015, 2016, etc & Lightroom 6, LR7, LR8, LR9, etc) for OS compatibility and support during that time. With the old model, you’d have to pay extra for upgrades in that same time period.

      One of the reasons for moving to this model is to make sure customers can keep up with the fast changing technology landscape where Apple and Microsoft are updating OSes every 12 months and introducing new hardware and devices at a faster and faster rate.

      Hope that helps

  85. Kelly says:

    Every time I try to open Photoshop, it says I need to sign in with my adobe id. After I do that its still wont let me open it and just keeps saying that I need to sign in.

  86. Chase says:

    I am currently doing the monthly subscription, but I do not need it anymore. How can I cancel it? If I uninstall, will it automatically cancel my subscription?

  87. Michael Greska says:

    I purchased Adobe XI Pro for my windows 8 computer then I decided to go MAC. How do I install this Adobe on my MAC. I spent a good deal of money on the program so I am hoping I can install it on my MAC. I have the Redemption Code.

    Please help!

    Thank you!


  88. paul neale says:

    Hello, I hope you can help. I have Elements 10 running on my laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium. I cant exit the edit function. I can reduce it. Neither can I enter the edit functions from the organizer. So although the edit page is visible it will not function and can’t be exited. Any suggestions? Simple ones please, I am a technophobe. Best wishes, Paul

  89. Steven Schembri says:

    Hello, I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection about 2 years ago, and would like to put it on my new computer. I downloaded the creative cloud and started downloading the 30 day trials, as a help site told me to download them then put my serial number in. First I downloaded Fireworks, but couldn’t find where to put my serial number. Eventually when I opened and closed it 4 times, a register your product box came up, and I put my serial number in and its good. I went through the same process for After Effects CC(2014) and it said the code is not applicable. This After Effects may be a newer version of what I had but either way, I just want the Adobe Suite I had back, and I don’t know how to get it. When I sign onto Adobe’s website it says I have the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection Version 6, so I don’t understand why it doesn’t allow me to download all the programs on the Suite I have, or give me a link to download the versions that the Suite contained.

    Please help me, thanks

  90. Miruna says:


    I want to download the Creative Cloud, but when I enter the website it only appears the loading page. ( 4 squares that keep moving).

    How can I make it work?

  91. Chance says:

    I can’t use any programs that I’ve downloaded onto my windows 7. When it downloads and I try to open iit, it says error. And I can’t use it. Every time.Do I need another program to open any downloaded programs or something? It’d be nice to know.

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