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Save for Web in Photoshop CC 2015

S4WIn Photoshop CC 2015, we made some minor changes to a very popular and beloved feature: Save for Web. This feature is used for many purposes, from preparing assets for a website to optimizing high-res photos to creating animated GIFs. Because Save for Web is built on the former ImageReady product (now discontinued), the code is too antiquated to maintain and develop new features.

“Save for Web will not be removed without replacing its capabilities in a new and improved workflow.” see the FAQ below.

Adobe Generator is a new, modern, and more efficient platform for exporting image assets from Photoshop. We have been building new capabilities on top of this platform for the past two years, including the new Export As and Device Preview features. The Generator platform allows us to build new, streamlined workflows and incorporate more efficient compression algorithms like PNGQuant into Photoshop.

The new Export As workflows are a complete redesign of how you export assets out of Photoshop. Export As has new capabilities like adding padding to an image and exporting shapes and paths to SVG. We also introduced the Quick Export option, which allows you to export an entire document or selected layers very quickly with no dialog.

Going forward, we will no longer develop new features in Save for Web, which is why it now is labeled as “Legacy”. Don’t worry; no features have been removed from it and we know there are critical workflows that still require Save for Web. However, Save for Web does not support, for example, new Artboard documents.

We would love to hear your feedback as we continue to build out the future of Export workflows in Photoshop. The best place to leave feedback is on , where you can see other people’s suggestions, vote them up, and participate in a conversation with Photoshop engineers and designers.

Thank you for your continued feedback!

Stephen Nielson
Sr. Product Manager – Adobe Photoshop


Was Save for Web removed from Photoshop CC 2015?

No, Save for Web is still available under File > Export menu.

I use Save for Web every day. Won’t the redesigned menu system slow down my workflow?

You can skip the menu entirely by using the existing keyboard shortcut: ctrl + alt + shift + s (win) and cmd + opt + shift + s (Mac). You can also customize the shortcut by going to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts…

Or install the “Export Helper” panel extension which gives you fast access to all export options including Save for Web:

Export Helper

Note: For extensions to load make sure that:

Were any features removed from Save for Web?

No, Save for Web was completely untouched except for moving it to the Export menu and adding the term “legacy”.

Does “legacy” mean that you are going to remove Save for Web in the future?

Perhaps. But rest assured that we will not remove Save for Web without providing those capabilities in a new and improved workflow. For example, we know many people still need the 2up view, target file size, Convert to sRGB, metadata options, and animated GIF capabilities. Save for Web will not be removed without replacing these capabilities in a new and improved workflow.

If there are still workflows missing, isn’t it too early to mark it ‘Legacy’?

Save for Web does not properly support Artboards and we have no plans to update it. The Legacy modifier is meant to communicate that Save for Web is still available, but no longer updated.

Will this change break my action or script?

No, this change does not impact your actions or scripts. They will continue working as they always have.