Creative Connection

November 2016

The Plug Me In project: creative storytelling on a whole other level

Since March 15 of this year, Wiebe Wakker is traveling from the Netherlands to Australia by electric car. During the journey, he completely relies on the energy that is being offered to him on his website Wiebe enthusiastically told his story so far to Creative Connection.

November 22, 2016 / Creative Business / Inspiration /

Adobe MAX unlocks creative potential

According to the State of Create Report, only 31% of people feel like they are living up to their creative potential. Being creative helps make people better workers, leaders, parents and students.

November 21, 2016 / Adobe Stock / Photography /

Adobe Stock Contributor Spotlight: Noppakun Wiropart

Journey to the pristine Japanese countryside through this stunning collection of imagery from Adobe Stock Contributor Noppakun Wiropart.

Finnish blogger Kasper Strömman: Journalist to the MAX

Popular Finnish blogger Kasper Strömman went to Adobe MAX 2016 in San Diego – read all about his adventures at the world’s biggest creativity conference here!

How to recognise Ghost Signs and create amazing murals

Each year, letterheads gather in a typographic feast sing painting, creating wall pieces (murals) and taking a stroll across numerous ghost sings.

November 7, 2016 / Creative Business / Design /

Content marketing agency C3: How they deliver on the marketing of the future

Berlin-based content marketing agency C3 embraces creativity and digital pushing out successful content marketing for well-known brands like Porsche, Volkswagen or Allianz. Find out why they chose Creative Cloud for Enterprise to deliver on content and data faster.