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January 8, 2019 /Adobe Stock /

Contributor Spotlight: Aleksey Teksomolika

Aleksey Teksomolika (who goes simply by Teksomolika on Adobe Stock) is a wedding photographer whose stock portfolio is full of warm, authentic moments and connections – something we’re all gravitating towards to during the holiday season. We spoke with Aleksey about how he got his start in stock and his advice for budding stock contributors.

Image source: Teksomolika / Adobe Stock

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I started my career as a wedding photographer in Ukraine. After 4 years, I became pretty skilful. But I had always a dream to travel, and travel and booking wedding gigs didn’t work out so well. I had a friend who was always travelling and captured a lot of photos of people and landscapes during his trips. He told me about stock and the possibilities it gives you. So here I am, 3 years later, making money from it and travelling the world.

How did you find out about the stock marketplace, and how did you get started?

Stock has been my main work for the last 3 years, but now I have a new goal. I am making Youtube videos and hope I will be successful with that too. So at the moment, I split my time 70% on Stock and 30% on Youtube. I also shoot a handful of weddings throughout the year.

Image source: Teksomolika / Adobe Stock

What are the biggest advantages of selling your work on Adobe Stock?

The biggest advantage is integration. I love Adobe software (best software on the planet is Lightroom and Photoshop!). And the integration is so global that any designer can get images right from inside the app, and sales are increasing. I bet Adobe will still be my favourite in the next couple of years! And one more small bonus – I got a free year of Lightroom and Photoshop for being a contributor.

Image source: Teksomolika / Adobe Stock

How has your stock portfolio and career grown since you’ve started?

In the beginning, I was trying to make as many images as possible. I was shooting anything around me. But now my goal is quality. A single good shot can make 1000 sales, so now what I’m trying to do is shoot that one perfect shot!

Image source: Teksomolika / Adobe Stock

What are some of your best-selling images? Why do you think they have been so popular with buyers?

One of my most popular images is a photo of a mom and two kids cooking. They made a huge mess, but there are two reasons (in my opinion) why it is popular. First, they’re doing something real, and they’re totally in the moment. Second, you feel real emotion with the people even from behind the monitor – this connection is key.

            Image source: Teksomolika / Adobe Stock

Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out in stock photography?

My advice for beginners is to try to shoot something close to you. Maybe that’s your job, or maybe you have a friend who is a doctor or works in a butcher shop. Go to these places and capture real and authentic moments and processes. Stock buyers love when the images are real.

See more of Aleksey’s work on Adobe Stock. Have images to sell? Get started as an Adobe Stock contributor and get your work in front of millions of designers around the world. 

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