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December 5, 2016 /Design /Inspiration /

Create Fun Holiday Cards Directly from your Mobile

With the festive season fast approaching why not get in the Christmas spirit and create a personalised holiday card for your loved ones with this fun and easy six-step tutorial. Grab your phone or tablet and create customised photo-card masterpieces in just less than five minutes using Photoshop Mix.

Step 1: Start with a background image

Start by opening Photoshop Mix on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Tap the + icon to start a new project and select a background image from your device or online library. Wintery landscapes make the perfect backdrop to a festive card and with temperatures plummeting to -9C in some parts of the UK this week, now is your prime opportunity to capture that all important shot!


Step 2: Add a photo of you and your friends / family

Whether this is a shameless selfie or a festive family portrait, make sure the picture is set against a high contrast background. Tap Add Layer (+ icon) and select the photo you want to use in Photoshop Mix. Tap Cut Out and use your finger to select just the foreground image. Use the + option to add to the selection. Use the – option to subtract from the selection. Tap the checkmark when you are done.

Tip: Use 2 fingers to scroll the image and zoom in to work on details, then zoom out to see more of the image. Use 1 finger to paint with Cut Out tool.


Step 3: Retouch in Photoshop Fix

Tap the Creative Cloud icon and select Healing in Photoshop Fix.

Note: Photoshop Fix is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and Android phone


Step 4: Touch up your photo

Using Photoshop Fix, zoom in on the part of the photo you would like to retouch. Use the Spot Heal brush and drag over the element of the photo you want to erase. Tap Touch to save & return to Photoshop Mix.


Step 5: Save to Camera Roll

Your holiday card is nearly complete! Tap the share icon and save it to your Camera Roll


Step 6: Add text and share

Add a personalised greeting to your card using a photo editing app of your choice, such as Photo Editor by Aviary.


And you’re done! A card for all your loved ones in six easy steps. Why not share your holiday card designs with us by tweeting @AdobeUK or @AdobeUKStudents?

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