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July 18, 2017 / Creative Business / Design /

Designing Culture: Creating Design Aware Organisations

We’re looking into Design Culture in the workplace. Design is becoming inextricably linked with the creation of products and services, especially within technology, as John Maeda’s annual design in tech report highlights

Creativity — the Driving Force Behind Small Business Success

We’re thinking about how creativity is the driving force behind small business success. “Be curious.” That’s what Scott Boniface, partner and project manager at Playground, a digital creative agency in Toronto, says about how to enhance the creative vibe in the workplace.

Adobe at HERE London 2017: Gordon Reid on thinking outside of the box

Adobe caught up with Gordon Reid, founder of the award-winning creative agency Middleboop, at HERE London 2017. Hear Gordon’s top tips and advice for making it in the creative industries.

Adobe at HERE London 2017: Radim Malinic discusses creativity and collaboration

Earlier this month, Adobe Stock sponsored HERE London, where It’s Nice That brought together creative talent from across the UK and beyond for a series of inspirational and entertaining talks exploring creative processes and ideas.

Behind the Scenes: Kyle T. Webster on how he digitally recreated the Munch brushes

To give you a glimpse behind the scenes of our The Hidden Treasures of Creativity campaign, we spoke with Kyle T. Webster about his involvement in the project and how he was able to capture the exact detail of Munch’s brushes and recreate them in Photoshop and Sketch.

May 16, 2017 / Creative Business /

5 Logo Design Trends You Need to Know About

Logo designs are showing up with minimalist design and simplicity is in. But that isn’t stopping designers from adopting technology that helps viewers engage with and reinterpret brands through dynamic logos.