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Famous Photographers

Roy Rossovich, FSF: Portraying Life through Fashion and Cinematography

Sweden-based Roy Rossovich, photographer, cinematographer, and, most recently, 2016 Hasselblad Masters winner in the fashion and beauty category, explores the narrative form in his work.

Behind the Image: Extreme Sports Photography with Fredrik Schlyter

We spoke to Photographer Fredrik Schlyter about his stunning cliff jumping photo taken in Norway.

Adobe Stock goes Photokina

Adobe Stock, our stock photo service with Adobe Creative Cloud integration, will play a major role at this year’s Photokina event.
Find out why…

How to watch Adobe live from Photokina 2016

From the 20 – 25 September, Adobe will be broadcasting every day from 9.30 AM BST live from Photokina, where the focus will be on cutting-edge workflows from Creative Cloud and all kinds of inspirational events.

Finnish photographer Peter Forsgård: Try new things and have fun

For more than 20 years, Finnish photographer Peter Forsgård has worked with most of the largest Finnish companies, fastest growing startups as well as marketing and advertising agencies. He is sharing his advice on how to have fun in the industry being a multi-creative and not “just” a photographer.

Capturing the colours of southern Spain with #LumiaInGranada and Creative Cloud

We partnered with Microsoft who invited a select group of bloggers to take amazing pictures with #LumiaInGranada and edit them using Creative Cloud.