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April 18, 2017 / Image Editing /

George the Explorer: Top tips and tricks for editing black and white photos

We quizzed award-winning wildlife photographer ‘George the Explorer’ on just what it takes to capture the world’s wildlife professionally and his top tips and tricks for editing his images…

Lr Mobile Update: Raw HDR capture mode for iOS and Android

Adobe Lightroom now has a new raw HDR capture mode for iOS and Andriod. Read about the new update here…

“Nordic Retouch” Contest showcases Talented Creatives in the Nordics

Watch the works of the winners of the “Adobe Retouch” contest – organised by Swedish photomagazine Kamera & Bild, Adobe, and Eizo, and the first of its kind in the Nordics.

MAX and the Future of Creativity and Design

Check out all the new updates to Creative Cloud announced at Adobe MAX.

Talking ‘Timescaping’: Meet the two artists who have reinvented traditional colourisation with Adobe Photoshop

We’re constantly greeted with bright, energetic and high-definition photography on a daily basis, but it wasn’t always this way. We meet two artists who are bringing black and white photos back to life.

Creative Cloud online masterclasses in October

Adobe is thrilled to announce a new series of free online masterclasses around the amazing work you can produce with Creative Cloud.