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September 26, 2016 / Design / Illustration / Inspiration /

How the Northern Lights poster for the Nordic Creative Talent Award was born

Martine Strøm from Norway was chosen to create this year’s poster for Nordic Creative Talent Award. She reveals her process behind the creation of the poster.

November 16, 2015 / Design / Graphic Design / Inspiration /

The winners of the Adobe Nordic Creative Talent Award 2015

The Winners Of The Nordic Creative Talent Award 2015 have been found. Read more about why they won and see some of their inspiring works.

Wise words from the jury of the Adobe Nordic Creative Talent Award 2015

Meet the jury trying to find the most creative young talents in the Nordic countries this year and hear the answers from Digge Zetterberg (Sweden), Maja Folgerø (Norway), Sebastian Gram (Denmark), Antti Hinkula (Finland), and Oskar Lübeck (Sweden) when we asked them creative questions.

Nominate a young Nordic creative for New Creative Talent 2015 Award and win great prizes

It is time to nominate young Nordic creative talents for the New Creative Talent Award 2015. An award given by Adobe Nordic and CAP&Design, the leading magazine about graphic communication and design in the Nordics, to the eight most creative talents from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland under 28 years old.