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December 21, 2016 / Adobe Stock /

Adobe Stock data reveals bestselling stock imagery of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, new data from Adobe Stock reveals the top five most downloaded images across the UK over the course of the year.

Adobe Stock Contributor Spotlight: Noppakun Wiropart

Journey to the pristine Japanese countryside through this stunning collection of imagery from Adobe Stock Contributor Noppakun Wiropart.

Talking ‘Timescaping’: Meet the two artists who have reinvented traditional colourisation with Adobe Photoshop

We’re constantly greeted with bright, energetic and high-definition photography on a daily basis, but it wasn’t always this way. We meet two artists who are bringing black and white photos back to life.

From Editorial to E-Commerce: Changing How the World Shops for Fashion

How does an e-commerce fashion site earn the top spot among South Africa’s online retailers in only three years? For fashion e-tailer Spree, their approach combined decades of fashion magazine experience with creativity and agility to unveil an experience that unites the pleasure of magazine-style shopping with all the convenience of digital.

Adobe Stock goes Photokina

Adobe Stock, our stock photo service with Adobe Creative Cloud integration, will play a major role at this year’s Photokina event.
Find out why…

Improving your creative process: The end of stock photography as we know it

We approached advertising agency Abby Priest to create a campaign about Adobe Stock targeted at enterprise customers. The result: Adobe Stock Apparel, a limited edition clothing line giving a salute to the most infamous stock images.