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The Go List: 8 Photographable Destinations

Emily Nathan, photographer and founder of travel-lust journal Tiny Atlas Quarterly certainly knows a thing or two about incredible locations, and she gives us her picks on the best places to go to score stunning imagery.

May 22, 2017 / Adobe Stock /

Fantastical Realism

Benoit Challand is a 3D artist known for work that is fantastical, yet rendered with an amazing amount of realistic detail. We recently commissioned him to create such an illustration for us, which he achieved using 3D textures and still photos purchased from Adobe Stock; serious Photoshop Brush tool prowess; and what seems like an infinite amount of patience.

May Visual Trend Exploration: The Mindful Photographer

Former Creative Director turned yoga teacher and painter Ja Soon Kim shares her advice for showing down and being present with your camera in hand.

May Visual Trend: Purpose Before Beauty

This month we’re thinking about what it means to put purpose first, and let beauty follow. We’re pondering images whose main purpose is to motivate us to action — maybe to make the world better, or to remember to be in a moment

Adobe Stock Data Reveals Demand For Vintage Imagery

With everything from vintage record players, the Nokia 3310 and even Tamagotchi’s making a comeback in 2017, nostalgia as a trend looks like its here to stay. But how is nostalgia and vintage imagery being reflected in the design world?

Introducing The Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Do you ever feel like your boss is lurking over your shoulder? Now you can experience that feeling all the time with our talking Hovering Art Director action figure.