Creative Connection


OFFF 2016  –  A Creative Party Feeding The Future

Danish designer Michael Flarup shares his experience at the creative festival OFFF 2016. Read all about it here.

Adobe Digital Experience Briefing: Calligraphy artist Hiroko Kimura gives ancient Japanese art a digital spin

Artist Hiroko Kimura created Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) at the recent Adobe Digital Experience Briefing and gave ancient Japanese art a new digital spin.

Petra Gardefjord creates design patterns out of her children’s dreams

Swedish creative entrepreneur Petra Gardefjord carried out an experiment to find out if she could capture assets from her children’s dreams for use in her eco-friendly range of kids’ accessories.

Digital Content Designers: Designers of the future

The media school Medieinstitutet in Stockholm has a new “Digital Content Designer” education for the designers of tomorrow to align the students with the market’s demand of digital design across multiple digital channels.

Design and creativity trends you can expect to see in 2016

Creative Director Monica Javanainen has interviewed hotshots from the creatives and the design scene around the World about the trends of 2016

How to succeed as a creative in Los Angeles

Guest blogger Monica Javanainen has visited Finnish creatives living in L.A. to understand what is needed to become a success in a metropolitan area with a population larger than the population of Sweden and Denmark combined. She got back with five advices for all creatives who is considering moving to The City of Angels.