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September 8, 2017 / Design / Typography /

Hundreds more fonts in the library and Marketplace, 1,500+ added for sync

446 completely new fonts have been added to the Creative Cloud library for web and sync. Find out what fonts have been added…

July 14, 2017 / Typography /

What’s in a Font? How Fonts Can Define Your Design

We’re thinking about how fonts can define your design and how to use different types to make your work stand out.

Innovate your type design and attract even more viewers

Welcome to the world of Mobilo Animated, a collaborative animated typeface. Type design is a very systematic process by nature, so stay organized.

How to recognise Ghost Signs and create amazing murals

Each year, letterheads gather in a typographic feast sing painting, creating wall pieces (murals) and taking a stroll across numerous ghost sings.

Online talks on typography and design

In June and July, watch live talks about typography and design every Wednesday evening. Tune in and listen to your favourite ones.

June 11, 2015 / Design / Inspiration / Typography /

Göran Söderström: “Fonts are like songs – you can always compose a new great one”

Göran Söderström is the founder of the type design studio Letters from Sweden. Here are his thoughts on why font design is comparable to composing music and the role of typography in the Nordic design scene.