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Get Your Work Featured By Adobe Touch


A few of our Touch Apps users have already submitted their work to our Facebook Wall, and we’re starting to feature them over on the @AdobeTouch Twitter page as our featured background. Check out the first featured work above, created with Adobe Ideas and Illustrator by Todd Powelson.


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Design and Publish a Website with Adobe Muse (code name)

If you haven’t had the chance to get to know Adobe Muse yet, here’s your chance to learn all about its capabilities from beginning to end. Muse is an application that allows designers to create and publish websites without having to worry about tagging or writing code. This application creates all the necessary parts of the website in the background.

Check out this video below as I show you how to:

    • Plan your website using Muse’s intuitive planning workspace
    • Design with freedom using Muse’s InDesign layout metaphor
    • Add rich interactivity with widgets and arbitrary HTML or iFrames
    • Publish your website to HTML or using Adobe Business Catalyst

And if you want to follow along, feel free to download the assets here:

To check out what was created in this video, you can find the resulting website on Adobe Business Catalyst:

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Ring in the New Year with our Favorite Moments of 2011

What an exciting year it has been! We wanted to share some of our favorite happenings in 2011 with a countdown of sorts, and highlight our top 11 of ‘11.  Stay tuned here because we’ll be posting our favorite moments from the year leading up to New Year’s Eve. And, if you think 2011 was exciting, just wait until you see what we have in store for 2012! From the whole team at Adobe, have a happy new year!


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Creative Quotes for Inspiration

Over the past few months, we’ve featured quotes from popular creatives and others in surprising professions. Now, we’re sharing a handful of our favorite quotes for a dose of inspiration. Care to add to the list? Share yours by commenting below.


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Creative Suite Ambassador of the Month: Rob Brown


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Creative-Layer_Rob-Brown-298x300The Creative Suite Ambassador Group* continues to provide us with a great opportunity to engage with a number of our Creative Suite enthusiasts. As we did with ambassador, Verneda Lights, we’re pleased to introduce our next Ambassador of the Month – Rob Brown. Below is our exchange with Rob, a professional graphic designer and photographer.


Creative Layer: Graphic design and photography seem like your two primary focus areas. What drew you into the creative field? 

Rob Brown: From a young age, I loved art. In high school, I had to fill an elective and could only fit in one drawing class, so I took a graphic arts course and fell in love. I was drawn to the blending of math and art, and the creative process using ink and machinery. I was lucky to have access to a Heidelberg press and lead type bays. When I was fourteen, the digital realm of graphic design was just starting.


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Ask a DV Pro: Jon Carr on using Adobe Production Premium CS 5.5 for Vincent Laforet’s short film, Möbius


Creative-Layer_Jon-Carr1Our digital video team hosted a great Ask a DV Pro session last week featuring Laforet Visual’s producer/editor Jon Carr. During the one-hour discussion, Carr shared how he and the team leveraged the Production Premium Suite – specifically Adobe Story, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop – to create and deliver Vincent Laforet’s latest film, Möbius.


Watch the full session recording here. And check out the Premiere Pro Work Area Blog for session highlights and resources.

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Get Interactive with HTML5 Music Videos


Interactive music videos are popping up more and more, and we’ve just come across the latest example for Evelyn, by ABBY. Not only does the song have a great beat to nod your head to, but you actually get to customize the experience by mixing different instruments and vocal styles together. If you want to listen to an instrumental version, you can just make the singer play the flute with a click of the mouse!



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