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What Sound Does Your Pet Make (with Edge Animate CC)

Thanks to a certain viral video, we all know what sound a fox makes.

But what does your pet sound like? We’d love to see your creativity with Edge Animate and its new audio capabilities. With new native audio support in Edge Animate CC, you can show us. Show us your pet, real or imagined, photographed or animated, with sound.

You can go the route of Paul Trani and create your own animation (Hello, Pet Alien Space-Man). Here’s how Paul added pet sounds:

Or, you can use your own pet photos.


However you’d like to do it, give it a shot and share it with us. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Behance, tag it with “#EdgeAnimate” and “#PetSounds” and we’ll contact you and send you some special Adobe schwag!

So, go ahead, give your pet a voice.

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