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New videos added to Creative Cloud Training

A batch of new training videos around editing video, adding audio to your video and modifying photographs have been added into Creative Cloud Training.

The specific new videos added today are:

  • Keep your projects in sync using dynamic link between After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Make advanced adjustments to playback speed
  • Make advanced animated backgrounds
  • Assemble high-definition images using Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Create composite panoramic images in Photoshop
  • Use Lightroom to manage Photoshop files
  • Share clips, subclips, and rough cuts between Prelude and Premiere Pro
  • Add comments to your media files with Prelude
  • Create word-perfect audio analysis with Adobe Story
  • Color grade a Premiere Pro sequence in SpeedGrade
  • Quickly send a project to SpreedGrade from Adobe Premiere Pro

Paid members can access Creative Cloud Training through the “Training” link in your global navigation bar next to “Files” and “Apps”.

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New videos added to Creative Cloud Training

A batch of new training videos around creating animation, vector artwork and editing media have been added into Creative Cloud Training.

The specific new videos added today are:

  • Discover the similarities and differences between Flash and Edge Animate
  • Generate an image sequence in Flash for use in Edge Animate
  • Prepare images in Fireworks for use in Edge Animate
  • Create CSS sprite sheets in Fireworks
  • Learn about the new CSS Properties panel in Fireworks CS6
  • Create client proofs as PDF or HTML files using Fireworks
  • Import Photoshop images into Fireworks
  • Prepare Illustrator documents for use with Fireworks

Paid members can access these, and over 100 other instructional videos (with more added regularly), by clicking on the Training link in their global navigation.


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Get a leg up: Creative Cloud Training now available

At last week’s Create Now live event, we introduced Creative Cloud Training, a rich library of video tutorials from Adobe and industry-leading partners: Kelby Training, video2Brain & Attain. We are excited to announce that Creative Cloud Training is now available to paid members – check out the “Training” link in the Creative Cloud navigation bar.

Creative Cloud Training goes deep on individual products, common techniques, and specific workflows. Some videos go into detail on a single product or set of features within a product. Others show how to use multiple Adobe products to accomplish a specific task like publishing a mobile application or creating a digital magazine for the iPad. The videos are meant to help you be more successful with the projects you’re working on with the bevy of tools available to you in Creative Cloud.

The partners we are working with will provide new editorial content every month. These new videos are available exclusively to Creative Cloud customers for 14 days, before being available on the partner’s site or other 3rd party sites. This means that as a paid Creative Cloud member, you get access to new training content first and essentially for free, since Creative Cloud Training comes at no additional cost to your paid membership. Videos in Creative Cloud Training will always be available, streaming directly from the cloud, so you can come back at any time to resume watching any video. The site is responsive too! It’s easy to watch videos on your phone or tablet when you have some free time.

As of today, English training videos are available. We will be rolling out regionalized training videos starting in January. For our international customers, we encourage you to check out the English library and keep an eye out on this blog for when content will be available in your own language.

We will post regularly on this blog when we add new training titles. Additionally, we have a number of improvements to the searching and filtering capabilities coming soon. We’d love to hear directly from you, including new topics you’d like to see covered each month, so feel free to leave us feedback in our support forum.

We are excited to grow Creative Cloud Training into a destination for fresh and in-depth training content that is right next door to the place you get your tools & services. We encourage you to check out training videos on different topics and covering tools different then those you may regularly use. So hunker down, grab a coffee and watch some videos to learn what is possible with everything provided within Creative Cloud!

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Introducing Adobe Game Developer Tools

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the Adobe Game Developer Tools for all Creative Cloud members. You can now download and install our newest game developer tools directly within Creative Cloud, including Adobe Scout – a next-generation tool for advanced profiling of ActionScript-based content for desktop & mobile.

The Game Developer Tools also include the Game Developer SDK and the Flash C++ Compiler. You’ll get features that let you rapidly build, optimize, and deliver 2D & 3D web, mobile, and desktop games. The Flash C++ Compiler lets you deliver existing C/C++ code through the Flash Player so you can reach a wider audience. The Game Developer SDK lets you leverage a common ActionScript 3 codebase to access essential frameworks, samples, and extensions.

Adobe Game Developer Tools are available exclusively through Creative Cloud for all members. Get it now and GAME ON!

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Now Available: New tools & services for a beautiful, modern web

Great news for web designers and developers! Adobe Edge Tools & Services have just been added to your Creative Cloud membership. You can now use all of the Edge Tools & Services to design and develop for modern browsers and mobile devices–including Edge Animate, Edge Inspect (formerly called Shadow), Edge Web Fonts, PhoneGap Build, Typekit and a preview of Edge Code. By the end of the year we will also add a preview of Edge Reflow.

These tools and services will enable you to create beautiful, mobile-ready content and apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Combine one or many Adobe Edge Tools and Services along with existing tools and technologies to design, animate, code, package, and deliver your content and apps. Watch this video to learn more.

If you have a paid Creative Cloud membership, you now have access to all of these tools and services along with any future additions and updates we deliver. We’re also making the Edge Tools & Services available to everyone who is signed up for a free Creative Cloud membership. If you aren’t a paid member and want to try these tools, just sign up for a free membership . All you need is an Adobe ID.

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Exclusive Updates to Illustrator Available Now for Creative Cloud Members

We’re very excited to announce the release of a new set of Adobe Illustrator features available exclusively to Creative Cloud members and customers subscribed to Illustrator. This delivers on our promise that Creative Cloud members will get early VIP access to our latest innovations, including new features in our desktop software.

The 3 new Illustrator features are focused on improving productivity. They will let you automatically package Illustrator projects and their related files for fast and accurate hand-offs, quickly unembed images that have been placed and embedded into Illustrator files, and more efficiently access information in linked files. To get these features, just open Illustrator, go to the main menu, choose Help > Updates or download Illustrator for the first time here.

To learn more, please check out the videos and information below, or visit the Illustrator or Creative Cloud product pages. If you aren’t a Creative Cloud member, or are signed up for the free Creative Cloud membership and want access to these Illustrator features, you can become a paid member here. Current Creative Suite customers can join Creative Cloud and get 40% off their first year of membership, and pay just US$29.99 per month for the first 12 months. See if you qualify.

Package files
Efficiently hand off Illustrator files to production by automatically packaging the necessary fonts, linked graphics, and a package report in a single folder. This is a feature long-requested by our customers and we’re very happy to deliver it. The functionality is very similar to that found in Adobe InDesign.

Unembed images & Links panel enhancements
Quickly “unembed” images that have been placed and embedded into an Illustrator file for quick edits or for use outside of Illustrator. Automatically link them to their extracted PSD or TIFF files. Efficiently track and access complete information on any artwork placed within an Illustrator file, directly from the Links panel.

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Adobe Muse Updated: Built-In Contact Forms Plus Japanese Support

Adobe Muse is a new tool available to Creative Cloud subscribers which lets graphic designers create websites without writing code. Today, we’re releasing a new version of Muse that includes built-in support for contact forms. In addition, this new version is now available in Japanese.

The new support for built-in contact forms allows you to easily add, configure, and style contact forms within your website designs. By using this new feature, you no longer have to embed HTML code from 3rd-party online form providers. This is just the beginning of work the Muse product team is doing to bring more extensive content management capabilities directly into the product through tighter integration with our site hosting platform, Adobe Business Catalyst. The video below shows how easy it is to work with contact forms.

We’ve also added the ability to add and link to downloadable files of any type including .pdf, .zip, .dmg, & .exe, as well as support for HTML5 animations created with Adobe Edge. There’s more, so be sure to read the release notes to find out all the new goodies in this updated version of Muse.

If you already have Muse installed, just open the app and click “Install Now” on the updater screen to get these new features. If you have yet to try it, download it here on Creative Cloud.

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Now available: Adobe Edge preview 7

Those of you familiar with Adobe Edge know it as a great way to create content with motion and interactivity by using web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Today it has received some exciting updates!

First, we’ve renamed the product to better reflect its capabilities – so let me introduce you to Adobe Edge Animate. Additionally, we’ve released our latest update, preview 7, which is now available in the Creative Cloud. This is a significant update which introduces lots of new features, including resizable layouts which lets you adapt your content to different screen sizes as you create for multiple form-factors. Additionally, we’ve added rulers, guides, shadow effects, a timeline, and keyframe improvements as well as enhancing all of our text features. You can check out the complete list of features here.

Check out this video to see Edge Animate Preview 7 in action.

This is the seventh preview of Edge Animate and we’ve come quite a ways since our first preview launched just about a year ago. We hope you’re having fun with Edge Animate; you can download preview 7 here.

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Sneak Peek: “Package Files” in Illustrator CS 6 Exclusively for Creative Cloud Members

One of the most oft-requested features by Illustrator users is soon to make it into Illustrator CS 6. We are lovingly calling it “Package Files” since it’s an easy way to automatically collect everything necessary to work with your Illustrator document into a single folder. In that folder, you’ll find everything your document depends on: linked files, embedded fonts, static images, etc. By having Illustrator create this packaged folder, you can archive the folder, store it in a code repository or share with members of your team – especially handy since we are working on some new sharing capabilities that will ship for Creative Cloud soon.

Here is a quick video of the Package Files feature within Adobe Illustrator CS 6, showing how this new feature will make your design process even simpler. We’ll be making it available exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud members soon. Remember, by subscribing to Creative Cloud, you get these types of nimble product enhancements often and easily.

Our promotional offer of $29.99 per month for your first year on Adobe Creative Cloud, if you currently own CS3 or later suites or products, ends soon so be sure to signup.

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