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Behind the Image: Capturing the Serenity of the Taj Mahal with Gary Arndt

Award-winning travel photographer Gary Arndt contributed to Adobe Stock’s new Premium collection. Learn more about taking compelling travel photos, working with crowds, and finding something unique at iconic locations.

The Art & Science of Making Emoji

Emoji are becoming more and more a part creative expression and communication. So how does an emoji happen? What is the process that goes into designing, standardizing and integrating these characters? One designer close to the process weighs in.

Photoshop Masterclass with Aaron Nace, live on

Join Photoshop Master Aaron Nace from PHLearn for his first live-stream tutorials exclusively on the Adobe Twitch Channel! Aaron has been teaching photography and photo manipulation to millions of users across the world at every skill level, and he has been committed to sharing his methods of creative conceptual photography both online and in-person.

Street Photography Workshop with Eric Kim, Live on

Join internationally-renowned street photographer Eric Kim for his first live-stream workshop exclusively on the Adobe Twitch Channel! You’ll have the chance to learn how to conquer your fears of shooting street photography, the secrets of capturing “the decisive moment,” as well as the process behind his editing workflow in Lightroom.

Social Media Day: How Social-First Artists Bring Creativity to Today’s Hottest Social Media Platforms

Social-first artists are changing platforms like Instagram and Tumbler from simple social networks into a creative canvas. The team behind Art404 share their thoughts on the evolution and future trends of the social-first art movement.

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Photoshop Artists Flawlessly Recreate 4 Famous Masterpieces with Adobe Stock

What if instead of a paintbrush and palette, Rembrandt had stock photos and Creative Cloud?