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Detroit, Michigan: Through A Skateboarder’s Lens

Twenty-six year old Jordan Garland presents a city very different from the one shown in mainstream media.

Setting The Mood with Adobe Hue CC: Jason Levine

Transform video clips with color and light dynamics captured from real-world experiences.

July 20, 2015 / Events / Video Editing

VidCon 2015 For People Who Love Online Video

Adobe is joining thousands of online content creators, viral video stars, and their fans at the sixth annual conference.

The Making of 25 Years of Photoshop

An animated montage of work from around the world receives raves from creative professionals and dreamers worldwide.

Color Science, Explained (Part 2): The Importance of Color Science for Video

The transition from film to digital video has created a shift in the filmmaker’s relationship to color.

Color Science, Explained (Part 1)

Color is a complex topic: It’s universally experienced, highly contentious, and has an entire field of science devoted to it. But it can’t be easily explained.