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Join Us at OFFF 2016 Festival in Barcelona

OFFF Festival 2016 is coming to Barcelona May 26-28. Discover more about how you can live stream and join us.

XD Essentials: In-App Gestures and Mobile App User Experience

Remember the days when hovering and clicking using mouse were the most used trigger for interaction with site or app? These days are gone. When Apple introduced the iPhone, multi-touch technology became mainstream and users learned that they could not only point and tap on the interface, but also pinch, spread, and swipe. Gestures became the new clicks.

Bridge the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop with Creative Cloud Connected Apps

The Creative SDK opens up Adobe technology to developers so they can build powerful, connected creative applications that break down the barriers between devices and increasing productivity. Here are a few of the apps in the Creative Cloud ecosystem that are giving their users the ability to access their creative content anywhere they go.

Who attends MAX?

MAX is the place where creative professionals come to be inspired, to learn, and to grow their creative career. It’s the world’s fastest growing creativity conference.

Adobe <3s Android… Tablets

The long awaited moment has arrived. We are happy to bring Adobe Illustrator Draw to Android tablets.

Collaboration Everywhere with Read-Only Creative Cloud Libraries and Files

We are excited to announce the availability of read-only access when you collaborate with Creative Cloud Libraries and Creative Cloud Files on mobile, desktop, and the web. We are also pleased to support patterns, a new Library asset type, created in Adobe Capture CC and available for use in Adobe Photoshop CC.