Adobe Creative Cloud

Story Behind The Image: Light of Ideas

A series inspired by Adobe Stock contributor Andrew Ostrovsky’s fascination with the interplay of humanity, mathematics and nature.

Detroit, Michigan: Through A Skateboarder’s Lens

Twenty-six year old Jordan Garland presents a city very different from the one shown in mainstream media.

Of Shape and Form: Leandro Senna’s Adobe MAX Logo

A designer savors the imprecision and imperfection of working outside the digital realm.

At One with Nature: Adobe Stock Contributor Galyna Andrushko

This landscape and nature photographer travels further and deeper to find the perfect location and get the perfect shot.

Just. Do. Something.

After almost three months of daily illustrating, Becky Simpson looks back on what she’s learned and ahead to what she wants to do next.

Setting The Mood with Adobe Hue CC: Jason Levine

Transform video clips with color and light dynamics captured from real-world experiences.