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Spotlight on Adobe Stock Contributor Mark Schwettmann

The eye of an architect… landscape and architectural stock photography that tells stories and alters perceptions.

July 1, 2015 / Events

Creative Residencies: A Working Late Conversation with Rena Tom

How the founder of Makeshift Society forges and fosters connections and collaborations in the creative community.

Traces of The Hand: Dave Kinsey’s Rendition of The Adobe MAX Logo

The sculptural approach of a designer and fine artist.

Color Science, Explained (Part 2): The Importance of Color Science for Video

The transition from film to digital video has created a shift in the filmmaker’s relationship to color.

UX Design: Refining A Body of Knowledge

Experiences are being refined and redefined as designers and developers determine how to best serve the users for whom they design.

Investing in Design

There is a tremendous opportunity today for companies to leverage the power of design to build their brands