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Art directors are becoming animators. Print designers are becoming web designers. Illustrators are also photographers and editors who also shoot film. They are the New Creatives, and we are celebrating their work.

With the Creative Cloud our product teams have removed the barriers to creative expression: Designers can build parallax HTML5 experiences. Illustrators are making EPUBs. Photographers are using their cameras and Adobe technology to become filmmakers. And coders have the tools to make beautiful design.

It’s an amazing and interesting time in our industry; people have the ability to self-express, in any discipline, without boundaries. I Am The New Creative promotes the amazing work our community is producing and marks this moment in time as a movement and a celebration of creativity.

One of the most incredible aspects of this program has been watching creative professionals merge their mediums and their portraits to produce “New Creatives” versions of themselves.

There’s something magical about the compositions. As a designer there’s always a part of me in my work, but to personalize my work in this way, to make my work more representative of me, presents an alternative perspective. All of the artists we’re working with are enjoying this experience and are appreciative of our desire to promote their amazing creative output.

Our new site highlights the New Creatives, their disciplines, their work, and their stories.

Visitors to the site can join us and become New Creatives (submissions are made through Behance and curated by our team); we’ll be choosing a number of artists and celebrating them and their work throughout our social properties and on during the coming year.



Be sure to check out the work of the New Creatives, get inspired, and join us.


Graphic Designer / Executive Creative Director / Maker of things




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Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

Fast Co.Design’s recent piece, “9 Ideas That Changed the Face of Graphic Design,” summarizes the outlet’s favorite ideas that made graphic design what it is today. Inspired by the book, 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design, authored by Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne, below is Fast Co.Design’s shortlist.

Body Type


Pointing Fingers

Decorative Logo Types

Metaphoric Lettering

Texts as Images

Supreme Geometry

Dust Jackets

White Space

Here’s a look at some of the inspirational images depicting the 9 ideas above.

Graphic-DesignWhat do you think? Any you’d add to this list?

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The Creative Process

The_99_Percent-300x225From ideation to execution, every creative has a specific process. In a recent article by The 99 Percent, well-known musicians, comedians and writers shared their personal creative processes and success strategies.

One of our favorite quotes came from Jack White, “Force yourself. Deadlines make you creative.” In this video, check out how Jack uses constriction to spur creativity for his band, The White Stripes:


How do you create? Check out The 99 Percent article for more inspiration.

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Finding Creativity in Mistakes

Mistakes-2Contrary to what we’ve been taught, it is actually OK to make mistakes. In fact, in creative professions, mistakes often lead to terrific breakthroughs.

When we stumble, we encounter new experiences that we may otherwise never have found. In a recent article from The 99 Percent, John Caddell – curator of The Mistake Bank – stated that “mistakes can take us to the margins, to the unknown, the unexplored.” When unexplored territories are found, creative professionals can create work that they had never previously considered – and at times these roads play out brilliantly!

So let’s hear from you! When has a mistake helped to propel your creative work to new levels?

And if you need more convincing that creative (and really all individuals should embrace their mistakes), watch Kathryn Schulz’s terrific TED Talk, ‘On Being Wrong.’ (more…)

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Finding Your Creative Passion

Passion-1-150x150A recent article published by HOW tackled an issue that many creatives often encounter: passion. Many creative professionals chose their field because more traditional career paths didn’t ignite their flame quite like the idea of creating something new every day. Quite simply, creatives require a healthy passion for their work in order to continue finding success. But what happens when you need to reignite your passion? (more…)

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Balancing Work and Life as a Creative Professional

Recently, The 99 Percent, a research arm and think tank of Behance, ran a terrific blog post about balancing work and life as a creative professional.



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Adobe Design Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of the renovated Adobe Design Center – your hub for all things design. Adobe Design Center curates the freshest content to help inspire and educate designers creating for all types of media.

You can learn about industry leaders and get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the creative minds propelling the design industry forward. Adobe Design Center will also provide techniques and tips for your favorite Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as new tools like Muse (code name) and Digital Publishing Suite.

To grab a preview, check out some of the stories that will be popping up on Adobe Design Center soon: (more…)

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Zach Klein, Designer of Vimeo, Discusses His ‘Aha!’ Moment


Part of being a creative professional is sharing creative ideas and advice. No matter one’s skill level, there are always new things to learn. In his interview with Fuel Your Creativity, Zach Klein, the designer of Vimeo, shares some terrific insight into his design process and having a creative breakthrough.

Pick Zach’s brain with some of his tips in the excerpt below.

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