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Celebrating a Quarter of a Century – Happy Anniversary Adobe Illustrator!

Print2012 is an important year for Adobe Illustrator, marking 25 years since the software first shipped as version 1.1, March 19, 1987.

It’s hard to even remember the world of professional graphic design in 1987, where technical drawing pens, French curves, X-acto knives, and rubylith masking film were the tools of choice. It was a world where just printing a beautiful, smooth curve from a computer to a black-and-white printer was magic, and being able to use a desktop computer program, Adobe Illustrator 1.1, to actually create those shapes in a fully controlled way was pure freedom. (more…)

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Creative Spotlight: Mike Harrison

MH-newpageWe first noticed the wonderful digital artwork of London-based designer Mike Harrison popping up on various design blogs. We were immediately intrigued by his mix of photography, graphic design and vivid colors. Mike has worked as a freelancer for a number of high-profile athletics companies, and is a member of the international modern art collective, Depthcore, and the Keystone Design Union.

Check out some of Mike’s work and find out what he has planned for future projects, below. (more…)

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Finding Your Creative Passion

Passion-1-150x150A recent article published by HOW tackled an issue that many creatives often encounter: passion. Many creative professionals chose their field because more traditional career paths didn’t ignite their flame quite like the idea of creating something new every day. Quite simply, creatives require a healthy passion for their work in order to continue finding success. But what happens when you need to reignite your passion? (more…)

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Gorgeous Package Design

Screen-shot-2012-02-14-at-11.19.00-AM-150x150We’re often told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The same logic probably stands for other items that we buy. We just can’t be sure that there will be a correlation between the quality of the package exterior and the quality of the contents within.

That said, package design is extremely important. All other things being equal, strong package design conveys a sense of comfort and quality to the consumer, while setting an expectation for the contents inside. We’ve uncovered a few recent examples of terrific package design for your inspiration.

Have you ever been persuaded to make a purchase simply for the beauty of a product? (more…)

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Geometry Meets Design

Geo-2-150x150Whether you’re a math whiz or not, there’s no denying that geometry has always played a large role in design. Shapes relate to one another and provide context among the rest of the design, and they can help to illustrate moods and emotions that enable the artist to convey certain messages.

To celebrate the role of geometry in design, we’ve highlighted a few pieces that play with the ideas of shape and space. Tell us in the comments – what do you love most about geometry’s relationship with design? (more…)

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Net by Jason Boyer

Thoughtful design has countless elements and details that all come about through minute decisions on the designer’s behalf. With this in mind, we love seeing thoughtful digital design. What’s interesting about digital design is that one piece of art can be turned into several pieces of art by the subtraction and addition of various layers.

We encountered the work of Jason Boyer on Behance. His project, Net, nicely weaves together elements of geometry, collage, color and portraiture to create an alluring image that evokes a sense of futurism.

What’s great about the way Jason displays his work is that it shows the project in various forms and renditions, with each piece capable of standing on its own, while fitting seamlessly into the project as a whole. Take a look at some of his work below and view the entire project in his portfolio.

Let us know in the comments: what’s your take on the multiplicity of digital art? Do you prefer to share many pieces or just one singular creation?

Net-1 (more…)

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Creative Suite Ambassador of the Month: Rob Brown


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Creative-Layer_Rob-Brown-298x300The Creative Suite Ambassador Group* continues to provide us with a great opportunity to engage with a number of our Creative Suite enthusiasts. As we did with ambassador, Verneda Lights, we’re pleased to introduce our next Ambassador of the Month – Rob Brown. Below is our exchange with Rob, a professional graphic designer and photographer.


Creative Layer: Graphic design and photography seem like your two primary focus areas. What drew you into the creative field? 

Rob Brown: From a young age, I loved art. In high school, I had to fill an elective and could only fit in one drawing class, so I took a graphic arts course and fell in love. I was drawn to the blending of math and art, and the creative process using ink and machinery. I was lucky to have access to a Heidelberg press and lead type bays. When I was fourteen, the digital realm of graphic design was just starting.


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Creative Suite Ambassador of the Month: Verneda Lights

Verneda-11-247x300Over the past few months, we’ve been able to converse with some of our Creative Suite enthusiasts through our Creative Suite Ambassador Group*. We’ve learned more about what moves them to create and have seen some inspiring work.  Today we are sharing the first in a series of interviews from one of our Ambassadors through our  ‘Ambassador of the Month’ feature.


I’m happy to introduce, Verneda Lights.  Verneda is a poet, performer, graphic artist, and a M.D. We caught up with Verneda to find out how she started her professional career as a designer and much more.

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