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Creative Spotlight: Michael Startzman on Adobe Touch Apps and Creative Cloud

Words can’t describe how excited we were after Michael Startzman (@startzman) announced that he was going to create an eBook for Adobe Touch Apps users, highlighting techniques and tips for creating in Adobe Ideas. For the past few months we’ve been in contact with Michael, checking in on the process and teasing his work to our Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers. We’re so very pleased to announce that Michael’s “How to Use Adobe Ideas” eBook is complete, and believe us when we say it’s a must have for any Adobe Touch user.

With all of the hard work behind him, we sat down with Michael to learn how his love for the Adobe Touch Apps began and how the combination of Creative Cloud, Creative Suite 6 and Touch Apps have changed the way he creates. Check out the full Q&A below and be sure to visit our Twitter channel to see his work displayed on our background.

Whether you’re working on an Adobe Touch Apps project or simply just capturing ideas as they hit you, we want to see and hear about it! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter  or even in the comments below.


Adobe: When were you first introduced to Adobe Touch Apps?

Michael Startzman: When a friend of mine bought an iPad and showed me Adobe Ideas…I was hooked. Two weeks after its initial release, I bought an iPad and the first app I downloaded was Ideas. I’ve been drawing with it ever since.

What was the very first creation you made with Touch Apps?

I first started using Adobe Ideas for brainstorming and plotting story concepts by thumbnailing pages, sketching character designs, and making notes. I think one of the first illustrations I did was of a snail descending a wall. Today, I can create nearly every step of an illustration directly on my iPad using Ideas.

How has the integration from Touch Apps through to the Creative Cloud features changed your creative workflow?

Using the Creative Cloud to sync between devices allows for freedom of creativity where ever I happen to be. If I only have my iPod available, I can create illustrations, make notes on websites and take photos, which not only sync to my iPad, but are also available when using Illustrator or Photoshop on my desktop computer.

Which pairing of the Touch Apps and the applications within Creative Cloud are most instrumental to your creative process and why?

Adobe Ideas has been a boon to my creativity and productivity. In the past, I would draw nearly all of my illustrations digitally with a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. This, however, meant I was tied to a computer to produce any finished artwork. Now with Adobe Ideas, I’m free to create – whether on vacation, at the office, or sitting on the porch enjoying the morning breeze.

Adobe Ideas, coupled with the Creative Cloud, allows for further development and tweaking of the creations made on my iPod. I can open Ideas’ vector files and fine-tune them in Illustrator. I can also share files with colleagues and know my work is safely backed up online.

How much of a difference has direct touch input made to your creations?

I learned to draw digitally using a mouse and then graduated to a pen tablet, which made a world of difference. Now I draw using my finger! The direct touch really increases productivity because I can see what I’m affecting and where I’m going with the lines, which in turn, provides me more control over the kinds of lines I create. Plus, I’m never without a drawing implement.

If you had the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world with your Touch Apps, where would it be and why?

There are some pretty spectacular places out there and each new environment invites its own inspiration, that’s the beauty of having a portable studio. I think I’d like to visit Italy. The atmosphere created by the architecture, landscape and rich art history must be breathtaking.

 What compelled you to create the “How to Use Adobe Ideas” eBook?

adobe-ideas-300x215I created an eBook called “How to Use Adobe Ideas” because people were often surprised to learn my art was created on iPad. The eBook details my techniques for creating in Ideas and provides information and tips on the various settings and tools found on the application.

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Creative Spotlight: Heidi Schwoerer

It’s that time again! We’re proud to show off some more creations that our Adobe Touch Apps users have shared with us on our Facebook and/or Twitter profiles. This week, we’re delighted to showcase the work of Heidi Schwoerer (a.k.a. “2CuteInk”). This individual’s imaginative and adorable creations made the decision for our next Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background that much easier.



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Creative Spotlight: Chris Landau

There’s no denying how excited we get when our Adobe Touch Apps fans submit their work to either our Facebook or Twitter channels. Needless to say, when we saw the creations that Chris Landau shared with us, featuring one of his pieces as our new Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background was a no brainer!

We connected with Chris on Twitter and asked him about his day-to-day experiences with the Touch Apps and how they factor into his overall creative process. Find out what he had to say below. And, if you have some work you would like to share with us, definitely do so here, on Facebook or through Twitter. You may be next!

Chris_Landau-Twitter-Background (more…)

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Creative Cloud Scavenger Hunt Winners


One of our six balloons that were a part of our Adobe Creative Cloud Scavenger Hunt in San Francisco – #HuntSF

Yesterday was a big day for Adobe and all Adobe users worldwide as we launched the Adobe Creative Cloud membership and Creative Suite 6! After announcing the Creative Cloud membership and CS6 in San Francisco, we hosted a scavenger hunt with $10,000 and Creative Cloud memberships on the line.

Users had the option to hunt around various locations in San Francisco, ending at our SF office, to complete a puzzle that entered them into the contest. People outside of San Francisco joined the Race to Create online, which put their knowledge to the test and in a race to the finish. (more…)

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Creative Spotlight: Sarah Louisa Whittle

Over the past few weeks, Sarah Louisa Whittle has been sending us some of her Adobe Ideas creations. We liked the look of them so much that we created our next Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background from her work.

In our exchanges with Sarah, we were able to ask her a few questions about her experience with the Adobe Touch Apps. Read what she had to say and take a look at her work that’s being featured as our Touch Apps Twitter background below.

If you have some work that you’d like to share, please get in touch with us on Twitter or even share it with us on our Adobe Touch Facebook Page!

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Updated 4/14: Adobe Creative Cloud Scavenger Hunt: $10,000 and then Some



With Monday, April 23 just a little over a week away, we wanted to provide you with more details around the San Francisco scavenger hunt (just below)…and JUST ADDED – the Race to Create Online Scavenger Hunt.

San Francisco Scavenger Hunt

So how will it work? Simple. There will be a total of 6 destinations around the city that you can’t miss with the visuals we’ll have out and about. As you arrive at each destination, quickly check-in on foursquare, tweet about your whereabouts, and grab a puzzle piece from the Adobe staffer. This last bit is key since you’ll need to collect a puzzle piece from each location to construct the full jigsaw puzzle. You will then present your completed puzzle to staff when you arrive at your final destination – the Adobe San Francisco office.

Three secretly marked puzzles out of the 500 total will be winners. The grand prize is $10,000 and a lifetime Creative Cloud membership, with two runner up prizes of 1-year Creative Cloud memberships. Official terms and conditions for the Creative Cloud Scavenger Hunt.

Unfamiliar with foursquare, Twitter and/or QR code readers? No worries. Check out the links below under our “Hint #1” for details.

And here’s an important HINT #2: Plan accordingly. The official start time is 12 p.m. PT and the hunt will be over at 6 p.m. PT. You can complete the hunt at any time between those hours and visit the locations in any order, but you must end at Adobe San Francisco before 6 p.m. PT. The route will take under 2 hours on foot, and even less time by bike.

Are you so excited you just want to get started now?!  You can’t, sorry. However, follow @CreativeCloud and the hashtag #HuntSF. We’ll be sharing hints about the various locations leading up to Monday, April 23!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. And if you don’t live in San Francisco, and want a scavenger hunt too – check it out “The Race to Create.”

That’s right. There will be a grand prize of $10,000 (and no, not the actual bill) and a lifetime Creative Cloud Membership, plus other Creative Cloud Memberships up for grabs! I’m excited to share that we’ll be hosting a scavenger hunt right in our backyard here in San Francisco, Calif., and we hope all of you locals and any folks in town on Monday, April 23 will participate.

The premise is easy. We’ll be dropping tips and information on Scavenger Hunt locations in San Francisco. You’ll need to visit our Adobe foursquare Page and our Creative Cloud Twitter channel for tips – so stay tuned there.

HINT #1 for the San Francisco event: foursquare, Twitter and a QR code reader will be involved. Prep details here:

And for those of you who aren’t able to be with us in San Francisco, we’ve got something in store for you too. More information to come on how you can get involved online for a chance to win a Creative Cloud Membership….!

JUST ADDED!! Online Scavenger Hunt – The Race to Create

With the Creative Cloud coming, how could we just celebrate with San Francisco? We can’t! So we’re now giving away three 1-year Creative Cloud memberships  for all of you who can’t be in the City by the Bay on Monday April 23. All you need to do is scour the web using the clues we’ll provide, and be one of the first people to cross the virtual finish line.

Here’s how the online scavenger hunt will work:

  • Register now! On this page you will provide your name and email. And so we know where you’re playing, let us know the city and country you are in. We won’t use this information for anything else unless you win, and then we will only use it to notify you.
  • When you register, you’ll get an email with a link to the first clue. Keep it. Because the #SocialHunt begins at noon PT on Monday April 23rd.
  • The scavenger hunt is a 3 hour race to the end where the first 3 people who provide the correct phrase on the Acrobat form will win a free 1-year Creative Cloud Membership.
  • Anyone 18 year older can take part. Read more about the terms and conditions.

Ready to play? Remember to register and be sure you’re connected to the web those 3 hours between noon and 3 p.m. PT on Monday, April 23.


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Creative Spotlight: Ryan Boyle

Ryan Boyle caught our eye with his Adobe Ideas-created and Photoshop Touch-edited artwork. Instantly, we knew his comic book-like creations would make a great feature as our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background. Following a Twitter correspondence with the illustrator, we were able to ask a few questions about his ideal travel destination and how the Adobe Touch Apps have made transitioning between iPad and desktop software virtually seamless. Check out what he had to say, along with his Adobe Touch Apps work, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below.




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Creative Spotlight: Chelsea Carlson

Chelsea Carlson first grabbed our attention with her Adobe Ideas-created artwork on her blog. We love her cute, whimsical designs featured as our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter background. We got in touch with the Scripps College student to ask her some questions about where she draws her inspiration from and how Adobe Touch Apps have impacted her workflow. Check out what she had to say, along with her Adobe Ideas work, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below.

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David Rojas Moreno

Touch-Apps-Background-3David Rojas Moreno caught our eye with the art work he submitted to our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter channel, creating his pieces with Adobe Ideas on his iPhone. We got in touch with the on-the-go artist to ask him some questions about creating on-the-go and his workflow. Check out what he had to say, along with his Adobe Ideas masterpiece, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below. (more…)

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Adobe Touch Twitter Background by Justin Rawcliffe

Justin Rawcliffe got our attention with his submissions to our Adobe Touch Apps Twitter channel, creating his pieces with Adobe Ideas. We got in touch with Justin to chat about his work, and how the apps have changed his workflow. Check out what he had to say, along with his Adobe Ideas masterpiece, currently being featured as our Twitter background, below.

Adobe-Touch-Twitter-Background (more…)

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