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48 Hour Film Project – Contestant Kush Amerasinghe Q&A: PART II

In this follow up to Part 1 of our Q&A with Kush Amerasinghe and his film for the 48 Hour Film Project, we’re delving a bit further into Kush’s creative background and inspiration for The Bandit:


Creative Layer: What was your inspiration for the film?

Kush Amerasinghe: To give you a better idea, this competition is not only about making a short movie in just two days, but also being able to adapt to anything.  So, you can’t really go into it with a certain story or even a kind of movie in mind.  The genre is randomly given to each team – there’s a specific character, specific line of dialog, as well as a specific prop all teams need to include in the movie.  My team got “Western,” which is probably one of the genres I was least prepared for and the hardest to do in the traditional sense in the middle of the city.


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