Adobe Products Support Windows Vista

There is a new FAQ posted to highlighting Adobe product support for Windows Vista. The marketing team plans to keep this document updated with the latest information. The full FAQ can be found as a PDF here:

A few questions from the FAQ are included below.

Q. Will Adobe support the new Windows Vista operating system?
A. As a leading developer for Microsoft® Windows®, Adobe has a long track record of
supporting the latest version of the Windows operating system. Adobe is excited about the
new Windows Vista operating system and has been working closely with Microsoft to test
Adobe products on prerelease editions of this operating system. Now that Windows Vista is
publicly available, Adobe is conducting final testing of many of its products to:
• Identify and document issues with current versions of its software.
• Develop free patches for some of Adobe’s currently available products, so they run smoothly
on Windows Vista.
• Verify that upcoming releases of Adobe’s products meet rigorous standards of quality and
fully support Windows Vista.

Q. Do current versions of Adobe products support Windows Vista?
A. All Adobe products available as of January 30, 2007 were released before Windows Vista
became publicly available and so have not been fully designed for or tested on this new
operating system. However, many of those products run under Window Vista with minimal
issues. To find out more about how different Adobe products work with Windows Vista,
please see specific product sections later in this FAQ.

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  1. Sharpe says:

    Will PageMaker 7 run on Vista? It is currently running on Windows XP.CC[No, we are not planning to update PageMaker to run on Vista or Mactel. -CC]