Introducing the Adobe Creative Solutions PR blog

The Adobe Creative Solutions PR team now has a blog! It’s no secret that the next version of Adobe Creative Suite will be launched in Spring 2007 and this blog will keep everyone up to date of the events, announcements and sneak-peeks that will keep us busy until CS3 arrives…and beyond.

We’ll also use this blog to keep you informed of all the other cool stuff that goes on in the Creative Solutions world – such the recently-introduced Photoshop Lightroom or kuler, Adobe’s web-hosted color exploration tool.

Hope you enjoy the blog and we look forward to your feedback.


The Creative Solutions PR Team

Russell Brady – Director
Cara Cassidy – Adobe Creative Suite
Denise Styerwalt – Adobe Creative Suite
Cari Gushiken – Photoshop Family
Sandra Nakama – Macromedia Studio and Adobe Production Studio
Stefan Offermann – Adobe Device Central and mobile solutions

One Response to Introducing the Adobe Creative Solutions PR blog

  1. Ammar Midani says:

    Congratulation & Thanks for the non-stop working to make us know about our beloved tools.Ammar Midani