Adobe Creative Suite 3 To Be Announced March 27th

The wait is nearly over! We can now confirm that Adobe Creative Suite 3 will be announced March 27, 2007. The company is celebrating the launch at an event in New York City that will be webcast live at 3:30pm ET. During the webcast, Adobe will reveal the features and suite configurations that make this the largest software release in Adobe’s 25 year history.

Details on how to view the webcast will be available on later this week.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are announcing Creative Suite 3 on March 27th. However, the software will not ship until later in Spring 2007.

45 Responses to Adobe Creative Suite 3 To Be Announced March 27th

  1. Ryan Hulvat says:

    I am a photoshop educator at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA. I teach workshops and 4 weekly classes in photography and photoshop. I also teach photoshop to at-risk youth, 2 classes a week. Our next quarter of classes that that week in March (the “annoucment date”), and I as an educator would love to know the final release date so that I can prepare, and budget accordingly.

  2. jaxim says:

    Is there a way to get invited to this NY event? If so, please let us know. Better yet, send me an invite!

  3. Mike Perry says:

    Let’s hope there’s a budget suite for small publishers. Upgrading InDesign CS2 is a must for me, but it’d be great if Adobe made it reasonable to upgrade older versions of Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator to a suite as well.

  4. As a Studio 8 (but not CS2) owner, I’m hoping we will see some sort of ‘crossgrade’ pricing for people with this suite.Glad to hear an announcement regarding the announcement …

  5. Wade Emmert says:

    What is the upgrade policy from CS2 to CS3. I want to buy CS2 now, but I don’t want to be hit with an upgrade fee when CS3 ships in the next couple of months.

  6. Tammy Spurgeon says:

    I am EXTREMELY excited about this. I’ve been waiting for CS3 to upgrade from CS1 and move up to the new laptops all at once. Thank you for the info!

  7. CAGDAS SEVGEN says:

    I would like to get info of CS3

  8. tom says:

    I’m anxious to see the final version of CS3. I’m a loyal fans of Adobe…

  9. danny says:

    @EDITOR’S NOTE: We are announcing Creative Suite 3 on March 27th. However, the software will not ship until later in Spring 2007.Boohh!!! What’s the use announcing it. Din’t we know that already?

  10. martin says:

    You’re announcing the announcement?And sites all over the web link here, announcing that you’re announcing the announcement?Not the most useful post, but fantastic PR.Have you hired Steve Jobs?

  11. Pat says:

    I own both CS2 Premium Suite and Studio 8. I hope they have a good deal for me?[We cannot comment on pricing or upgrades until March 27, but it’s safe to say we’ve got you covered.- CC]

  12. John Dowdell says:

    “You’re announcing the announcement?”heh, you’re right, this is rather unusual. 😉 But public interest has been so widespread and massive for this release that it became a necessity. Something new every day…. ;-)For remote viewing of the event, Cara already provided current info: “Details on how to view the webcast will be available on later this week.”I expect upgrade info and other details to be clearer at the actual launch announcement, on March 27.jd/adobe

  13. Cara Cassidy says:

    Thanks for all of your comments- since many of you are asking, here’s the why behind this entry:We made the launch date official because invites to the NYC event and webcast were being mailed out and a teaser video for the launch was posted to YouTube by Adobe UK: we could have waited, we didn’t want this information leak to cause speculation and confusion among media and bloggers. We decided to be proactive and make our announce date official, so everyone has the correct information.- CC

  14. This is exciting news! Six months ago I sold my Power Mac G5 and bought a MacBook Pro – great computer, but CS2 has been a total pain in the neck (slow and crashing all the time). It’s been lucky that I’ve not had any book/magazine design jobs on at the moment, only smaller jobs. I can’t wait for CS3 – it’s going to be great! :-)Please ship CS3 as soon after the announcement as possible – please… 😀

  15. dparry says:

    Aargh. I just received CS2 last week. What is the policy regarding upgrade if order precedes the “announcement” by a month? Unquestionably I would have waited if I had known what was coming since I already had CS1.[We do have upgrade policies for this type of thing, but we cannot provide specifics yet. Please be sure to check after announce for details -CC]

  16. cirque says:

    Well, I for one appreciate you going out with the information – I got money to burn on this baby! Good on you, Adobe!

  17. suncek says:

    what will be in package? PS CS3 Indesign? illustrator? destiler? acrobat?[Since we haven’t officially announced, we cannot provide details about the products included in Creative Suite 3. Only a few more weeks…CC]

  18. Ow, and I just upgraded to CS2 only one week ago! Will there be a special discount for recent CS2 upgraders? Can’t afford to upgrade again allready, as it’s mostly hobby..But it’s great news of course![There will be upgrade pricing, but the details are not available yet. Check after March 27 for details -CC]

  19. Boy, this is going to be big! Fact is, this isn’t just a case of Adobe releasing a better Creative Suite… This is the key that unlocks the Intel Mac for every professional designer out there who’s already taken the plunge with their hardware. I can’t wait. :-p

  20. Hurry says:

    CS3 includes the new dreamweaver too ?[Sorry, we cannot disclose which products will be included in CS3…stay tuned. -CC]

  21. Simon Laws says:

    I had been toying with upgrading to CS2 from CS but will now wait – I assume there will be special upgrades from CS1 to CS3???[Yes, there will be upgrade offers from CS1 and CS2. -CC]

  22. dd says:

    if i purchase photoshop cs2 today or after 27th and since you wouldn’t be shipping immediately – as far as i understand i’d get cs2 and later cs3 for free? will you have cs3 to cs3 extended upgrade? but the main question: if i’d like to upgrade to creative suite or any other bundle later: currently you’re offering upgrades from previous version of photoshop or creative suite. so- if i get ps cs2, i should be able to upgrade to creative suite v3 but- if buying ps cs2 and getting cs3 free (since it was/will be announced) i finish with having ps cs3- will i be able to UPGRADE to any creative studio v3 bundle, or i’d have to buy it fresh? or ps cs3 upgrade to full studio will cost similar as upgrade from ps cs2..i very hope you can answer without official price announcement or other details. the question actually is- is it safe to buy ps cs2 these days or i could get spoiled due to not flexible enough upgrade policies? thanks.[Thanks for the note. I wish I could answer your questions on pricing/upgrades, but I cannot divulge any other details about CS3 other than the announce date. What I would say is to check now for the upgrade policy between CS1 and CS2 to give you an idea of what to expect. There will be more upgrade opportunities this time around, but we cannot provide specifics until 3/27. -CC]

  23. Great! Glad to hear some news about CS3, as responsible for hardware and software-purchases I badly needed a status update.I really hope the major apps are Universal Binaries, as the G5-macs no longer are in sale (we are currently expanding fast and have no choice but to buy Intel-macs now).On the other side I get to double the RAM on the workstations to give Rosetta (or “emulation” as I call it) some extra resources 🙂

  24. John Waller says:

    >>>CS3 includes the new dreamweaver too ?Bruce Chizen (Adobe CEO) says yes.,+CEO+says/2008-1012_3-6164519.html

  25. Bill Smith says:

    How long from the release will CS3 be available for Educational clients?[We will have education pricing for CS3, but we don’t have details yet regarding availability. At announce, details about pricing will be available on Shipping details will come soon thereafter. -CC]

  26. Carl Hudson says:

    Is AJAX supported across the board in CS3 studio? Very much looking forward to it![You’ll have to wait until the 27th for an answer to that question, but our Spry framework for Ajax has been available on for almost a year:[Adobe will be supporting Spry in the upcoming release of Dreamweaver, which has already been publicly announced. -CC]

  27. Marilyn Merrill says:

    Will CS3 run on Panther?[Yes, CS3 will run on Apple’s current OS. -CC]

  28. Adrian Phillips says:

    Will the March 27 Announcement announce the shipping date or will it just announce when the shipping date will be Announced?[The March 27 announcement will announce the products, but not availability. There will be a separate announcement when CS3 becomes available. -CC]

  29. ST says:

    cool, i’am especially waiting for the new dreamweaver!

  30. Whiteboard says:

    I am trying to find out if your release event (party?) is open to the public. I’ll be out in NYC during that time and would love to see it live, but I am only seeing adverts for the webcast. Anybody know where it is taking and place and if I can get in?—- Shredder [Unfortunately, the event is already full, but you can watch it live via webcast at 3:30 pm. See previous post for details. -CC]

  31. John Walden says:

    This seems like much ado about nothing. I want to know when I can get my hands on it and how much it will cost. What are they going to tell us on March 27th that we don’t already know?[We are limited in the information we can share until 3/27. However, you only have a few days left until all the information will be available. At that point, you can tell us what you think…Pricing details will be available then. -CC]

  32. Markus says:

    Do the final CS3 programms still have these ugly non-icons, the PS Beta has?

  33. Niklas says:

    No GoLive Cs 3?Dreamweaver sucks. We designers love Adobe GoLive! Why no information?

  34. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy people..I for one am very interested in the features and products that will be included. I’d love to be able to purchase it ASAP, but instant gratification isn’t always possible.

  35. Diana says:

    You always put out a great product! I’m totally going to purchase CS3 as soon as you release it! I’m a designer by trade, but love using Dreamweaver also. Keep up the good work! You guys rock!

  36. Adrian Phillips says:

    CC says the announcement of the Announcement was because “we didn’t want this information leak…”.CCJ says, “We cannot comment on pricing or upgrades until March 27”, and then Amazon blows it by leaking the prices days before the big launch! annoyed is Adobe?

  37. John Walden says:

    Will there be student/teacher pricing available?[Yes, there is education pricing. Please check for details. -CC]

  38. doug says:

    anyone find information on upgrading recent purchases? I want to upgrade from Illustrator 9 to something I can use in OSX. However CS3 requires Illustrator 10 or later. Can I upgrade to CS2 and then qualify for a free update to CS3 since it isn’t shipping?[There are many upgrade options available with CS3. Please check for specific details on how to upgrade. However, if you are asking specifically about free upgrades from CS2 to CS3, you might want to check with Adobe Customer Service before purchasing. -C]

  39. Steve Van Damme says:

    I’m very concerned about what Adobe has done with Freehand. No mention anywhere I’ve seen. I much prefer it for the speed and many little niceties not found in Illustrator. In fact, Freehand is preferred by the majority of professionals in Europe. Not that Illustrator doesn’t have a lot going for it, I just find it harder to do many operations fast, or not possible at all. If there were a new Illustrator with the best of both, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. We’ll have to wait and see…but the review I’ve read at Macworld is vague and lukewarm on my issues at best.

  40. Quote:”No GoLive Cs 3? Dreamweaver sucks. We designers love Adobe GoLive! Why no information?”Yeah, Im a print designer, not a web designer, but Ive spent a few years using Golive now, and I can now use it well to promote my design services. So now, to keep up with the times, I have to use Dreamweaver? This can’t be right…can it? I havn’t got the time or effort to use it.Can anyone tell me if the transition is easy??? Thanks

  41. Nicholas says:

    Can’t wait for CS3. I’ve been using Macromedia Studio MX 2004 for a long time and want to upgrade. It will be awesome that I also get a copy of Photoshop!!! Yay.

  42. Pat says:

    OK Dreamweaver sucks?Whatever.Each person has their own preferences based on what they have used and I wouldn’t mind if they ONLY had Dreamweaver.

  43. John Walden says:

    Design Regular would be perfect for me if it had Photoshop CS3 Extended. I don’t need and wouldn’t use the additional features of Design Premium. What should I do?[There is an product selector on that allows you to put in the products you are interested in and it provides the best options for you. -CC]

  44. william stam says:

    [There is an product selector on that allows you to put in the products you are interested in and it provides the best options for you. -CC]IT ALMOST ALWAYS comes up the the TOP of the range package. ive played around with it a bit. not very a macromedia fan so hope dreamweaver is done justice here :Pwill be upgrading as soon as i possibly can. why isnt there any “south african” shop on adobes website? i know for a fact we have quite a large adobe office setup here (in comparison to other countries)