Photoshop Goes Online?

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Adobe bringing Photoshop online…Is Adobe really planning to put its pro-tools into an online services model?

Bringing Photoshop technology online would simply be an extension of our strategy to deliver the right Photoshop for Adobe’s diverse user base. And by Photoshop “branded” we don’t mean the professional version of Photoshop – at least not initially. A Photoshop technology online offering would at first, most likely, be targeted at the consumer market.

This is a pretty logical next step for us when you consider the Photoshop product portfolio today. It includes: our flagship product Photoshop CS2, for creative professionals; the free Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition, which meets the needs of the casual photographer; Adobe Photoshop Elements with editing and sharing options for photography enthusiasts; and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which provides a complete digital darkroom for professional and serious amateur photographers.

With the rise of social networking and media sharing sites, it’s clear that consumers want access to online experiences and need the help of trusted tools to keep content fresh and compelling. That’s why we recently announced a partnership with Photobucket and digital video editing.

So look out for more announcements, like the one with our friends at Photobucket, as we expand the reach of our video and digital imaging technologies to new online communities.

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6 Responses to Photoshop Goes Online?

  1. I am eager to see how things evolve – especially in view of Google 🙂

  2. Many people love Adobe products and rely on them. I think this is the right approach to support the evolving social networking development. Love to see more coming!

  3. Adobe has done a great job in recent years with its product portfolio. I do think it is the right way to make these product even more appealing to a broader audience.

  4. I heard recently that Google is planning a major update to their Picassa tool and also thinking about a online version. But I do like Adobe has much more experience in interface design and bringing the right tools to the net.

  5. pakfeifer says:

    could be very intersting…i am interested how the online tool will perform ..because photoshop is not a very speedy software…will se… on a citrix system it runs well…but this is not a real online service…greetstom pakfeifer

  6. Mountainstar says:

    there is a big difference betweeen picassa and photoshop. May be for rookies there isn`t one, but e.g. you will set up a site with a lot of content, it isn`t possible without THE “shop”…and if there is an central web-based engine…we will see. could be goodgreetsa photoshop friend…